Scott De Orio

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Scott DeOrio

Doctoral Candidate in History & Women’s Studies

1029 Tisch Hall, Ann Arbor MI, 48109-1003
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  • Affiliation(s)
    • Joint program in History and Women’s Studies
    • coordinator of Doing Queer Studies Now RIW
  • Fields of Study
    • Modern US Political
    • Sexuality
  • About

    My dissertation, "Deviant Subjects: Sex Offenders, Stigma, and Citizenship in Modern America," examines how the American state changed the way it regulated sex offenders in response to the interventions of social movements during the long 1970s.  At midcentury, American sex crime law stigmatized gay men and lesbians as a menace to society.  In the 1970s, the gay rights movement initiated a revolution that unseated the most repressive forms of state-sanctioned homophobia.  At the same time, lawmakers refocused sex crime law on other categories of offenders they newly perceived to be dangerous, particularly child molesters, rapists, and, in the 1980s, people with HIV.  Though the cast of characters had changed, the new sex offender laws continued to rely on the same flawed methods of stigma, exclusion, and quarantine to control sexual harm.


    De Orio, S.  (Forthcoming).  Gay Men, Liberal Politics, and the Transformation of Sex Offender Registration in California, 1947-1983.  In D. Halperin, Sex and Justice.  Durham, NC: Duke University Press

  • Education
    • MA History, University of Michigan, 2013
    • MA Germanic Languages and Literatures, University of Pennsylvania, 2010
    • BA German, University of Michigan, 2009
  • Awards
    • Graduate Student Research Fellowship. Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies. 2015–16.
    • Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship. University of Michigan. 2015–16.
    • William Nelson Cromwell Fellowship. American Society for Legal History. 2014.
    • Community of Scholars Fellowship. Institute for Research on Women and Gender. University of Michigan. 2014.
  • Grants
    • Phil Zwickler Memorial Research Grant, Cornell University Library, 2014.
    • Library Research Grant, Friends of the Princeton University Library, 2014
  • Presentations
    • “The Invention of ‘Consenting Adults in Private.’” Engendering Change. University of Chicago. April 2015.
    • “Gay Men, Liberal Politics, and the Transformation of Sex Offender Registration in California, 1947–1983.” Community of Scholars Symposium. Institute for Research on Women and Gender. November 2014.