African Diaspora, Atlantic Studies

  • Emma Amador

    Emma Amador

    Doctoral Candidate in History - Defended

    Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. history, Latino/a and Ethnic studies, migrations, race, gender and

  • Jamie Andreson

    Jamie Andreson

    Doctoral Student in Anthropology and History

    19th C Brazil; African diaspora

  • Adriana Chira

    Adriana Chira

    Doctoral Candidate in Anthropology & History

    Slavery, Iberian Atlantic, free people of color, Cuba, comparative studies of

  • Marvin Chochotte

    Marvin Chochotte

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    Slavery and Freedom in the Americas;Caribbean History;Haiti & the Duvalier Dictatorship (1957-86);State Formation and Popular Movements;Peasant

  • Tatiana Cruz

    Tatiana Cruz

    Doctoral Student in History

    20th C US; African American/Social

  • Paul_Hebert_History

    Paul Hebert

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    Canadian Black Radicalism; African Diaspora (Caribb.); Intellectual; Anti-colonial

  • Hiro_Matsusaka

    Hiroaki Matsusaka

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    20th C US & East Asia; Race/

  • Shana MeInysyn

    Shana Melnysyn

    Doctoral Candidate in Anthropology & History

    Portuguese colonialism, Angola, missionaries, slavery, anti-colonial rebellions, 20th

  • Alyssa Penick

    Alyssa Penick

    Doctoral Student in History

  • Angela Perez Villa

    Angela Perez Villa

    Doctoral Candidate in History & Women’s Studies

    Colombia;Slavery and freedom;

  • Andres Pletch

    Andres Pletch

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    Caribbean History;19th c. Cuban History;Slavery and Freedom;Digital

  • Andrew Rutledge

    Andrew Rutledge

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    17th/18th C Atlantic Studies; Empire, Colonialism,

  • Hillina Seife

    Hillina Seife

    Doctoral Student in History

    20th C US; African-American; Africa/Horn of Africa; Nationalism and

  • Jpnathan Shaw

    Jonathan Shaw

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    20th C Africa; Nationalization, Violence,

  • Marie Stango

    Marie Stango

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    African American and African Diaspora, women and gender, 18th/19th century US and the Atlantic