50th Anniversary

The LSA Honors Program was proud to celebrate its 50th anniversary year in 2007-2008. 

In addition to the article on the 50th anniversary and Honors' History that can be found in the 2007 Honors Forum, we have available here documents that were retrieved from the Bentley Historical Library about Honors' 50-year history. We hope you enjoy them.

Angell to Vacate Honors Post (Mich Daily 12/9/1960) (PDF)

Graf Cites Intellectual Gap (date unknown) (PDF)

Graf Cites Methods (Mich Daily Jul-3-1962) (PDF)

Honors Council Program Very Flexible (date unknown) (PDF)

Honors Gets Most Pupils Out-Of-State (Mich Daily - date unknown) (PDF)

Honors Gives Math Science Renaissance Classes(Mich Daily Dec-2-1959) (PDF)

Honors Program Fails (Mich Daily Feb-14-1961) (PDF)

Honors Programs Offers Two New Courses (1963). (PDF)

Invitation Letter (3 July 1957) (PDF)

New Booklet Used To Draw Top Students (Mich Daily Jan-19-1965) (PDF)

Otto Graf Signs Off (Mich Daily Oct-10-1978) (PDF)

Privileges for the Elite (date unknown) (PDF)

Rewriting History Won't Improve Honors Program (Mich Daily Apr-16-1965) (PDF)

Scholarship at the University - The Occasional Search (Jan-12-1966) (PDF)

Special Courses At U-M (date unknown) (PDF)

Stein Becomes First Honors Professor (date unknown) (PDF)

The Honors Program at the University of Michigan, Robert C. Angell-1960 (PDF)

U Given $69595 For Undergraduate Research and Study (Sept 1962) (PDF)

UM Names Freshmen for Honors Council(Dec-4-1964) (PDF)