Honors History

Preparing for U-M's 2017 Bicentennial

While the Bicentennial Planning Committee prepares an entire year of celebration, as well as ways to honor U-M's rich 200-year tradition, departments are collecting information on their respective histories. From an article in The University Record Online (November 21, 2011):

“2017 will be a remarkable moment for U-M. Reaching its 200th birthday puts U-M in a pretty small group of American universities,” says (Gary) Krenz, special counsel to the president. “Reaching the 200th at a time of significant transition in higher education, and in the larger world, gives us the opportunity to bring our intellectual resources to bear in a collective deliberation about the present and future. We want events commensurate with these factors, while being mindful of the fact that we are living in a period of constrained resources. We want a scope that reaches our students, staff, faculty, alumni, others in higher education as well as other sectors, and the public.”

Throughout the summer of 2013, former Honors student and W12 graduate, Gabriel Moss, compiled Honors clippings, files, photos, and more. Before leaving to pursue a PhD in History (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), he put together this interactive Prezi. Simply click in the diagram to navigate the panel, zooming in on the different features. Enjoy!