Fall 2012 Text and Ideas Courses

All of the courses below are pre-approved to meet the second term of the Honors Texts and Ideas requirement. All of these courses will count towards the eight Honors courses that are to be taken in the first two years.  To have “Honors” posted on your transcript for any of these courses, you must also complete an Honors conversion project.  Please see your advisor for more details.  If a course listed below is cross-listed with another department, you may take the course under any number that is convenient for you; the other numbers are not listed here but are listed in the course guide online.

You may meet the T&I 2 requirement with a course that is not on this list, if that course engages serious literature in more than one genre, by more than one author, across a significant span of time, or offers breadth and depth in the study of literature in some other way.  If you would like to fulfill this requirement with a course that is not on this list, email Dr. Wessel Walker (dlww@umich.edu) with the details of the course, and your statement about why it should meet T&I 2.


AAPTIS 383               Arab-Israeli Conflict in Lit                     Carol Bardenstein

AAS 346                     Literature in African History                    Derek Peterson

ACABS 260               Mythology of the Ancient Near East           Gary Beckman

ACABS 270               Intro to Rabbinic Lit                                 Yaron Eliav

Asian 223                    Krishna Speaks: Bhagavad-Gita            Madhav Deshpande

Asian 256                    Great Books of Asia                          Christi Merrill et al.            

Asian 364                    The Development of Chinese Fiction            David Rolston

Comp Lit 340              Travels to Greece                                Artemis Leontis

Comp Lit 382              Women in Classical Myth                     Tatjana Aleksic

English 298.006 only  Intro to Lit Studies                                     Scott Lyons    

English 360                 The Rise of the Novel                             Lincoln Faller

English 367                 Shakespeare’s Plays: Elizabethan Years         Steve Mullaney

History of Art 352      Art & Philosophy in the Renaissance Tradition          Thomas Willette

Philosophy 388           History of Philosophy: Ancient                      Matthew Evans

RC Hums 372             The Subject in the Aftermath of Revolution  Cynthia Sowers

Russian 347                 Survey of Russian Literature                     Sofya Khagi

Slavic 225                   Arts & Cultures of Central Europe          Herbert Eagle et al.


We encourage you, if you have sufficient expertise in a foreign language, to meet the T&I 2 requirement through a literature course taught in that language.   To that end, we have pre-approved a number of courses in popular languages to meet this requirement.  If your language is not represented on this list, please speak with Dr. Wessel Walker about the course you want to take in your language.


French 270.007           France’s Orient                                   Jarrod Hayes

French 274.001           France and the New World                George Hoffmann

French 368                  Enlightenment, Revolution, Romanticism      William Paulson

Spanish 371                 Survey of Spanish Lit I                      

Spanish 372                 Survey of Spanish Lit II

Spanish 381                 Survey of Latin American Lit I