Once all of your releases and your completed online application are received, the Honors Academic Auditor will send your Official Senior Audit to your umich.edu e-mail account. Generally, it takes one to two weeks to process your audit. Please note that at certain times of the year (January, May, August, October, and November) we experience a high volume of requests and audit processing can take up to three or four weeks.

Your Official Senior Audit is an official University document. Please read it thoroughly and keep it for your records; the information in your audit is used to certify your graduation. If you have questions or believe there is a mistake in your audit, please e-mail the Honors Academic Auditor, Jacquelyn Turkovich. (Please note that the online degree audit on Wolverine Access is a useful tool, but is is NOT an official degree audit. The only official audit is the one that you receive from the Senior Auditor in the Honors office.) It is your responsibility to make sure your remaining courses will satisfy the unfulfilled requirements listed in your audit.

If you are taking courses for a major or minor other than the ones listed in your audit (i.e., you have made a change in how you are fulfilling a major’s requirements), have your major advisor submit an updated release.