How Do I Request Honors Academic Board Consideration?

A petition should state the specific request and set forth all the reasons why the request is necessary, justified, or helpful to the student's academic program. Often the petition should include a confirming statement, and perhaps a recommendation, on departmental stationery from a course instructor. Requests for retroactive drops and adds require instructor statements. Other kinds of documentation can be helpful too, for example verifying work hours or health problems if employment or illness are the basis of the request. In almost all requests relevant chronology is important and students should try to provide dates as specifically as possible.

The student should keep these points in mind when writing the petition:

  • state the nature of the request;
  • explain why the change is wanted, what happened and when;
  • explain the role of relevant parties (for example, a misunderstanding between the instructor and the student; incomplete or wrong information given by a University office).

Click here for an HAB petition, which you can print and turn in to the Honors office (1330 Mason Hall).