What Requires Honors Academic Board Petition?

Some College rules are more flexible than others. For example, Honors will often allow a late drop or add if the student can provide sound reasons for this course of action. Honors will often allow an extension of an "Incomplete" when the instructor of the course agrees. But Honors will not allow a change from "graded" to "pass/fail" or vice versa after the first three weeks of a full term (first two weeks of a half term). The College faculty has specifically directed that such changes not be permitted and the Honors Academic Board supports this policy. Nor will members ever waive the language requirement, which must be met by all students graduating with Honors.

The Board invites well-formulated petitions from students who have legitimate reasons to request exemptions or to ask approval of programs that meet requirements in unusual ways. Although the Honors Academic Board will not waive distribution or concentration requirements, they can sometimes suggest and approve imaginative ways to meet requirements that serve to enhance a student's program of study.