When Will I Hear Back Regarding the Board's Decision?

The Board meets every week, almost always on Monday mornings barring holidays or unforeseen circumstances, during the Fall and Winter semesters, and on most Mondays during the Spring and Summer semesters as well. The Board will meet on a petition on the next Monday following the day of its submission. Students are required to submit their petition(s), as well as all supporting materials, by noon (12pm) on the Thursday prior to the Monday on which the student wishes the Board to consider his or her request. This deadline is necessary in order to allow the Board's Secretary sufficient time to prepare the petition for consideration. Petitions received after noon (12pm) on Thursdays will be added to the docket for the following week's HAB meeting.

Students who submit petitions to the Honors Academic Board can expect to hear a response shortly after the HAB meeting in which the petition was reviewed; a member of the HAB will email the student directly with the Board’s decision or to request any further information or documentation needed for a decision.  The assistant to the Honors Academic Board, Jacquelyn Turkovich, can answer process and deadline questions; email her at jacqzac@umich.edu or call (734) 647-7396.