Honors Conversions

Honors courses are offered  in a wide variety of disciplines to allow you as much flexibility as possible in choosing courses that meet your interests and academic goals. We realize, however, that in a college with thousands of courses offered each term, there is no way we can offer an Honors component for every course that Honors students are interested in taking.  If you find a course that has no honors component and does not meet honors requirements by being an advanced election, you may choose to do a conversion project to receive Honors credit for the course.

Honor conversions are meant to (1) expand or enrich the current course curriculum, (2) provide independent research or study beyond the basic syllabus, and (3) offer outside meeting time with the instructor/faculty member to discuss the additional material. For these reasons, mini-courses do not provide adequate time to receive the designation: a 3-credit, full semester course is required for consideration.

Please use the links below, as you consider course conversions and before you complete the paperwork.

What Courses Can I Convert?

How Do I Convert a Course to Honors?

Additional Resources:

Examples of Successful Conversions

Conversion Policies

Conversion Form (Link to Forms page - select Conversion PDF.)

Conversion Information for Supervising Faculty