Continuing in Honors After the First Two Years

There are two ways to continue Honors beyond the first two years: Honors in the Liberal Arts or an Honors Concentration. All departments and interdisciplinary programs in the College of LS&A offer an Honors concentration. The specific requirements for the Honors concentration vary from department to department; however, all but three culminate in the writing of a senior Honors thesis (Honors in Math, Statistics and Computer Science is typically based on a combination of coursework and GPA).

Students generally declare an Honors Concentration during their third year, although some departments allow students to join the Honors concentration earlier or later. You will remain in good standing in the Honors Program as long as you declare an Honors Concentration before the end of your third year. You should meet with an Honors Concentration Advisor to ask any questions and to declare your concentration. The requirements for admission into an Honors Concentration vary by department. Some Honors Concentrations have quite formal admission procedures, and the deadlines for these vary, so you should contact an Honors Concentration Advisor or check the departmental website for information about the application/declaration process.

For information regarding specific Honors Concentrations, see either the department's website or the relevant pages in the LSA Bulletin.

Also, you may wish to view the topics of some recent Honors theses, to gain a sense of what kind of work Honors upperclassmen produce.