Housing Sign-Up

South Quad


The LSA Honors Program’s 2015-16 South Quadrangle Residence Hall residential community sign-up will take place online. Please read the following information carefully. If you do not follow this procedure, you will not get a room in Honors Housing next year.

In 2015-16 Honors Housing will remain in our traditional home in the newly renovated South Quad.  We have reserved spaces in the following South Quad Houses: Frederick, Taylor, Hunt, and Bush.  Single-gender and substance-free housing options are available in Frederick House.  We plan to make Bush House (5th and 6th floors) our reserved space for returning Honors students (i.e. sophomores, juniors, and seniors), although we have also made selected singles in other houses available to returners.  Returning students who follow the procedures outlined below will have the opportunity to select one of these reserved rooms, subject to the terms of the Housing registration process.  

Note: New room configurations in South Quad have restricted the number of triples and quads - there are few, if any, available. Students hoping to sign up for a triple or quad should make backup plans in case they are not available.


Only students who are currently members of the Honors Program and in good standing are eligible for Honors Housing.  Unfortunately, we are not able to grant exceptions to this policy.

Dates and deadlines:

Monday, January 12th (9:00 AM) - Wednesday, January 21st (11:59 pm): Housing Registration **REQUIRED**

  • If you are currently living in University Housing you will need to indicate that you are planning to return to Housing by registering online via the Housing Sign-Up Page.
  • Please note that you do not have to indicate "Honors Housing" on the Housing Registration Form.  We have provided Housing with a list of all students who are eligible for Honors Housing.  All you need to do at this stage is register your intention to return to University Housing.
  • Only students currently living in University Housing are eligible to sign up during this re-application process.  Students living off campus must use the Late Sign-Up Process on March 11th.
  • If you have a roommate request, you and your roommate must register requesting each other as roommates. Your roommate must also be in the Honors Program.

Wednesday, January 14th: Roommate Finder Opens

  • The Housing Office’s Roommate Finder link will open for students who are seeking roommates.  You will be able to log on, create your own profile and search the profiles of other students who plan to return to University Housing via the Sign-Up process.  Remember that all students in Honors Housing, including roommates, must be in the Honors Program.

  • Go to the Housing Sign-Up Page and scroll to the bottom of the page at “Need a Roommate?”

Wednesday, January 21st (11:59 pm):  Registration Closes, Sign-Up Time Slots Emailed

  • Registration closes for Honors Housing self-selection.

  • You will receive an email from University Housing detailing final instructions and your time slot for the room self-selection process. Your time slot will be determined by the number of semesters you have lived in University Housing.

Thursday, January 29th: Room Selection and Contracts **REQUIRED**

  • At your designated time slot, go to the website indicated in your appointment email and select your room for 2015-16.

  • Select your meal plan, review your housing contract, and submit the contract online.  The contract must be submitted online by 11:59 PM on January 29th.  Failure to submit the contract before this deadline will result in your room selection being released.  

  • Roommates must each submit their own housing contracts independently.

Tuesday and Wednesday, February 24th and 25th: Waitlist Sign-Up

  • If you don’t find exactly what you want during Honors Housing sign-up on January 29th, you may register for the waitlist with those specific preferences.

  • NOTE: The waitlist is only open to students who have a signed 2015-16 Housing contract.  To be eligible to sign up for the waitlist you must first select another, acceptable room and sign a Housing contract.

  • Registration is in person at the Housing Information Office between 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM.

Wednesday, March 11th: Late Sign-Up for University Housing

  • If you miss any of the above deadlines, you will need to follow the Housing Office’s procedures for late sign-up starting on March 11th.  We do not have reserved rooms in Honors Housing for late sign-up.  Honors students signing up for housing in this period will be in the general University Housing pool and subject to those policies and restrictions.  Consult the Housing Office’s Late Sign-Up Page for more details.

  • Honors students currently living off-campus wishing to move to Honors Housing in 2015-2016 will apply like all other students living off-campus on March 12th, 2015.  Consult the Housing Office’s Late Sign-Up Page for more details.

If you are an Honors student wanting to live on campus but not in Honors Housing next year, you will need to follow the directions on the Housing Office’s Sign-Up Page.

Please email Gayle Green, Honors Housing Coordinator, with room assignment problems or other housing questions.