Scholarship Information

The Honors Program works with students who wish to apply for major national scholarships and fellowships, as well as research and travel grants, and program prizes.

The application process varies from award to award.  We encourage you to visit the website of the scholarship in which you are interested to check for eligibility, download or print application materials, read applications from former winners, learn about available programs, and find a considerable amount of helpful information. 

Most of these competitions require students to be endorsed by their institutions. Since this requires time for the review of applications and, in some cases, interviews of candidates, the UM deadlines are considerably earlier than those you will find on the individual scholarship sites. Individual U-M dates are listed within each subcategory.

Major Scholarships & Fellowships Requiring U-M Endorsement

Major Scholarships & Fellowships with Direct Applications

Honors Scholarships, Awards, and Grants

Previous Winners Of Major National Scholarships

Previous Goldstein, Voss, And Kennedy Award Winners