Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell and Churchill Scholarships

The Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell and Churchill Scholarships are among the most prestigious and most competitive scholarships in the world. All three fund students to pursue graduate study in the United Kingdom, allowing outstanding students from around the country to investigate an area of study of their choice. Recipients are able to attend world-renowned institutions and develop insight into a different educational system and philosophy. Furthermore, these students enter a unique community of exceptional scholars and leaders; Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell and Churchill Scholars continually occupy prominent positions in their fields.

Rhodes Scholarship – Established in 1902, the Rhodes Scholarship funds 2 years of study (occasionally 1-3 years) at Oxford University; Scholars pursue either a taught or research-based Master’s Programme (or a second undergraduate degree). 32 Scholars are selected each year from the United States, and 25 University of Michigan alumni have been selected throughout its history.

Marshall Scholarship – Established in 1953, the Marshall Scholarship funds 2-3 years of study at a variety of universities in the United Kingdom, typically for a Master’s Programme. Approximately 40 are selected each year; 14 University of Michigan students have been selected.

Mitchell Scholarship - Established more recently in 1998, the Marshall Scholarship funds 1 year of study in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland, typically for a Master’s Programme. 12 scholars are selected every year.

Churchill Scholarship – Established in 1963, the Churchill Scholarship funds 1 year of research and study in a STEM field (specifically, engineering, mathematics, biological sciences, or physical sciences) at the University of Cambridge. 14 Scholars are selected each year, and 11 University of Michigan students have been selected.

Rhodes, Marshall and Mitchell applicants must receive approval from the Provost’s Council on Student Honors, while Churchill applicants are approved by the UM Churchill Committee. Students must be nominated by the institution to be eligible. Successful applicants should have at least a 3.8 GPA; excellent test scores (for Churchill); a diverse record of activities that demonstrate leadership, commitment, and personal development; and a strong set of recommendations (4-8, depending on the scholarship). Application materials are due to the respective committees at the end of the summer. Graduating seniors are typically encouraged to apply, although students are eligible until age 26.

Interested applicants should schedule an appointment with Henry Dyson (hdyson@umich.edu) with the Honors Program.

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