For Sophomores Not Yet in Honors: How and Why Should I do Honors?

If you had a great first year and want to not only challenge yourself academically but contribute to the research mission of the university, you can join Honors by declaring an Honors major.   While departmental expectations for Honors majors vary, in almost all departments, a thesis--your opportunity to do your own original research--will be the capstone experience.

Here's a link to a PowerPoint summary of presentation given by Professor Tim McKay, the Honors Program Director, that highlights the important tasks of the sophomore year and why you might want to consider doing an Honors major.  The opportunity to marshal, defend, and publish a thesis is not only attractive for a resume or CV, it provides foundational tools for your post-graduate and/or professional career.

We'd love to talk with you about the value of doing an Honors major.  Call Honors at 734.764.6274 to schedule an appointment with an Honors advisor.