Using Your Thesis for the Upper Level Writing Requirement (ULWR) Credit

Normally, Honors students are expected to take an advanced course which fulfills the Upper Level Writing Requirement. However, occasionally an individual student may desire to use the Honors thesis to meet this requirement. These guidelines are intended for such students and their advisors.


  • The student must submit draft thesis chapters or sections to his or her advisor, corrected in light of the comments made on the rough draft.
  • The student must submit a final typescript copy of the thesis to his or her advisor, corrected in light of the comments made on the rough draft.
  • While the recommended equivalent is similar to the content of 5-6 papers (approximately 50 pages of closely edited writing), there is flexibility within various majors. Check with an Honors advisor or the Sweetland Center for Writing if you have questions.

The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that the student drafts and rewrites, and does so on a regular basis. The advisor must be involved in the development of the thesis into its final form. The spirit of the ULWR is NOT met by a student who submits a thesis for ULWR certification without prior comment and criticism.

Mechanics of ULWR Certification of an Honors Thesis

  • Discuss these guidelines with your thesis advisor, and receive his or her signature on this form (available at this link, in the Honors office or the Sweetland Center for Writing).
  • Deliver completed Intent form to the Honors Office. This will be reviewed and signed, and a copy will be made for your file.
  • Your thesis advisor will subsequently receive an Official Certification Form which he or she will submit when your thesis has been completed.