A Note About Counter-signatures

Typically, Honors conversions:

  • must be supervised by an LSA faculty member, and,
  • cannot be approved for courses for which there is already an Honors section or Honors equivalent course. Examples of this are Intro Philosophy - because there is an Honors Intro Philosophy, or Anthro 101 - because there is an Honors discussion section. 

Students may request an exception be made to either of these policies by filling out the necessary parts of the conversion form.

If a graduate student instructor will supervise the project, both the graduate student and the faculty member teaching the course must sign the form.

If a student is requesting to convert a course that already has an Honors component, we require a statement explaining the request. The supervising instructor must endorse the statement with a signature. 

Approval of these exceptions is at the discretion of the Associate Director of the Honors Program.