Examples of Honors Conversion Projects

Conversion Examples

Ancient Civilizations and Biblical Studies 122 – Introduction to the New Testament

"[I wrote] an 18 page paper on the development of the person of the Holy Spirit in pre-Christian Jewish writings, the New Testament (main focus) and early patristic texts. Met with [my professor] at key points of progress or corresponded via e-mail. In addition to a closer reading of the course materials, I also delved into some 2nd Temple works and the 1st century Fathers of the Church such as St. Clement & the Didache."

Architecture 313 – History of Architecture

"I worked with my professor to choose a topic, researched the paper on my own for a little over a month, and then wrote the first draft. It went through an extensive editing process, where I was required to do some additional research and build upon my thoughts. I'm not sure exactly how much the reading was, but I had almost 20 books checked out from three different libraries. Since my topic was so specific, I only read short sections from books. The paper turned out great and I loved how closely I was able to work with my professor. It was one of the most rewarding and fulfilling projects I've completed at the University."

Asian Languages 116 – First Year Hindi II

"[T]he professor suggested that I could give a presentation to the other students on something that would help with learning Hindi. Together we decided on an instructional presentation detailing such things as how to set up your computer to type in Hindi, email in Hindi, browse Hindi web pages, etc. Additionally, the professor suggested I research various instructional websites and compile a list of free resources for other students….I did everything from prepare image files of keyboard layouts to create storyboard-type tutorials guiding students through setting up their computers to do various things in Hindi….All things considered, I used information from about 30 websites, focusing heavily on 5 - 6 of them."

English/ Music Theatre 227 – Introductory Playwriting

"[T]he professor and I decided on another project that would also be of some benefit to the rest of the class - because this was a class in introductory playwrighting, we decided it might be useful for me to attend six nonrequired plays in Ann Arbor and prepare short presentations to be given in front of the class highlighting compositional elements in each of the plays. Both the professor and I had roughly equal roles in determining this format….The professor assigned four of the plays for me to see, leaving me to choose the last two….In total, my presentations probably consisted of 20 pages of writing, with about an hour of speaking time delivered in chunks throughout the term."

English 401 – The English Bible: Its Literary Aspects and Influences

"[I wrote] a 12 page paper on Pasolini's "Gospel According to St. Matthew" & it's relationship to the original text, special aspects of the film, etc. We met together regularly over the course of the term to discuss the project. There was no additional reading per se, but a much closer reading of St. Matthew's Gospel than required for the normal course work."

Environ 256 - Culture, Adaptation, and the Environment

"Half of the grade in this course was to be determined based on an extensive research paper on a topic of your choosing from a selection of three fields related to the environment and extraction of resources. In my work for conversion of this course, I chose a topic that mirrored my professor's interests and used first hand sources from her (meeting minutes, policy drafts, etc) to develop a topic. The paper was on how, in a post 9/11 world, the issue of African bushmeat was being transformed from one of food security to one of homeland security. Being that the paper was so successful, I continue to work with her as a paid research assistant and have used that paper as the base of a chapter in an edited volume on disease emergence. I also was accepted to present that research at a conference on conservation science in Cambridge, England."

Linguistics 394 – Topics in Linguistics

"For the LING 394 conversion, a normally assigned paper was doubled in length and complexity. The assignment was to record, transcribe, and analyze one conversation, and my modification was to record and transcribe two conversations, and then compare and contrast them as well as analyzing both. I also addressed more topics in my analysis than the other students, and did extra reading to support that."

History 378 – History of Asian Americans in the U.S.

"[I wrote a 22-page] research paper concerning the status of Vietnamese Amerasians….[It] required the use of about 10 sources."

History 213 – The Reformation

"Over the course of the term, I read books and articles about the Hungarian Reformation. I then presented a summary of it to the class in a 15 minute powerpoint at the end of the term. It was as if I were a professor presenting a mini-lecture."

Microbiology 301 – Intro Microbiology

" [The] professor and I discussed what area of microbial disease I should research. I found and submitted scientific papers to him for approval. I read and discussed approved papers with him, then wrote a paper on them. I searched through 10s of papers, and ended up reading (v. thoroughly) and presenting 2. I wrote a 2-4 page paper."

Psychology 345 – Introduction to Human Neuropsychology

"[B]ecause I was taking the course in order to try to more finely figure out my interests in psychology, we decided it would be best if I did free-ranging literature review, where each week I would choose a paper or two and read it and then write a short summary of it. Sometimes my papers would relate to class and other times I just searched for what interested me….I read 10 journal articles of my choosing (averaging about 10 pages each) and I wrote 10 summaries (one for each), averaging about 1 full page, single spaced, each. I occasionally met with [my professor] during her office hours to discuss what I was reading, how I felt it related to the coursework, and how it might relate to future research and a possible honors thesis."