What Are the Honors Conversion Policies?

Honor conversions are meant to (1) expand or enrich the current course curriculum, (2) provide independent research or study beyond the basic syllabus, and (3) offer outside meeting time with the instructor/faculty member to discuss the additional material. For these reasons, mini-courses do not provide adequate time to receive the designation: a 3-credit, full semester course is required for consideration.

1. An Honors-converted course will count as one of the student's Honors courses for a given semester. The conversion project should not be counted into the student's grade for the course (unless it is an expansion of a required paper or project for the course) but the student must earn at least a "C" in the course to receive the Honors designation.

2. Only students in the LSA Honors Program may do an honors conversion. Any request to convert by a non-LSA Honors Program student will be rejected and no notation will be made on the transcript.

3. Conversions should be supervised by the faculty member teaching the course and are normally not permitted for courses which have an Honors component or Honors equivalent.

4. The Honors Conversion Form must be completed and must include the signature of the instructor, with a brief description of the type of work to be done in the course. The students must then schedule an appointment with an Honors advisor, before the application deadline, to discuss the proposed project. The Honors advisor will make a recommendation to the Director. Final approval must be granted by a Director of the Honors Program. The final day to apply for Conversions is the day before the last day to drop/add each semester, as we require a day to read and approve your request.

5. At the end of the semester, the instructor will be asked to confirm whether or not the Honors project was successfully completed by the student. Emails are sent to all instructors with a request for confirmation right after grades are posted.

6. The Registrar's Office will place Honors indicators on students' transcripts as soon as they are processed, which is usually within the first four to six weeks of the following semester.