Steps for an Honors Major Release

A new procedure for online submission of major and minor releases has recently been announced.  You will find the link to the release form in the "Contents" menu of the online student file.  When you submit a release for an Honors Major or if you indicate that the release if for an Honors concentration, it will automatically be directed to the Honors Program unless the student is also in the Residential College.  The RC processes all of its own graduation work.  

1. When filling out a Release Form:

a. Fill out the Release Form clearly and make sure to list current elections if they are required for the concentration.
b. Always be sure to check students’ major GPA. If there are any departmental major GPA requirements beyond the overall 2.0 (e.g. minimum GPA for prerequisites or for any particular major courses), they must be stipulated in the LSA Bulletin.
c. Be careful when choosing majors. Make sure the student is not using majorStep courses for the area distribution plan, minors, etc.
d. Remind students that they must also apply on-line for graduation through Wolverine Access.

2. The Honors Academic Auditor is Jacquelyn Turkovich ( Use this address to send changes to the release form for individual students or to ask questions. This address can also be given to students who have questions about their audits.

3. Deadline to submit graduation paperwork: Please encourage your students to apply for graduation early, preferably by the last day of classes in the term prior to their last term. Receiving the degree audit early will inform students of outstanding graduation requirements well before the drop/add deadline in the final semester, allowing them plenty of time to work out their final schedule and assure they will meet their requirements for graduation.

4. Deferring graduation: If you know an Honors student who is deferring graduation, please refer him/her to Jacquelyn Turkovich to update his/her paperwork.