Who Can Declare an Honors Major?

Students must be admitted to the Honors majorn through the departmental procedure (whatever that is) before declaring an Honors major. Students may, and frequently do, declare a major in a department before being admitted to the Honors major; if they do so, when they are admitted to the Honors major, they fill out a new declaration form.

There is a check-off box on the Major Declaration Form, located below the "Major" blank, to indicate that the student has been admitted to an Honors major. This form is filled out in the department in a joint meeting between the student and the Honors major advisor. New Honors major will need to have a sub-plan of HONORS entered in M-Pathways for their Honors major; this should be done by the department's plan change maintainer.

We'd like to meet all students who have been admitted to and declared Honors major, to welcome them, especially those who have not been in the Honors Program before, introduce them to Honors academic advisors, and tell them how to apply to graduate with Honors. Forms for all academic issues, including Honors graduation, are different from those for mainstream LSA students, and are available in our office or on our web site.