Kennedy Memorial Awards

John P. Kennedy, an alumnus of the Honors Program, has provided two generous gifts to acknowledge and support excellence in writing and scholarship for outstanding students in the senior class. 

  • Particia Kennedy Prize  Named in honor of Mr. Kennedy’s mother, this award is given with preference for students in English literature or women’s issues: any student whose work touches on these fields may be nominated for this award, no matter what the department of concentration is. Winners receive a signed certificate and a cash award of $1500.
  • Dr. John J. Kennedy Prize  Named in honor of Mr. Kennedy’s father, this award is given to acknowledge and support excellence in poetry, creative writing, and scholarship about literature for an outstanding student in the Honors Program. 

We invite department chairs, Honors concentration directors and advisors, and Honors thesis advisors to nominate all excellent students for this prize. Because of the specific fields of endeavor which this prize recognizes, the nomination letter should describe the student’s excellence in either or both of these fields, in course work, research, and thesis as appropriate.

Award winners are chosen by the Honors Directors, the Honors faculty advisory council, and senior staff. Nominations should include a supporting letter from the Department Chair, Associate Chair or Honors Concentration Director or Advisor. If apposite, a letter from the student's thesis advisor is also welcome, in which case a short endorsement from the department would suffice. Nominations should address the undergraduate achievements of the student and his/her potential for continued excellence.

Deadline: 12 noon, Monday, April 11.  You may email your recommendations directly to  Please indicate the specific category you have in mind, but if you think a student is eligible for more than one prize, or you’re not sure which one to use, don’t worry: we will transfer nominations to the category we find most appropriate. 

Prizes are presented at the Honors Graduation Awards Ceremony, which will be held the Thursday before graduation. Faculty who submit nominations are welcome to attend the Awards Ceremony.