Virginia L. Voss Memorial Award

The Virginia L. Voss Memorial Awards for excellence in writing by senior Honors women were established in memory of the late Ms. Voss, an Honors graduate in the 1950s and college editor at Mademoiselle Magazine. 

There are three categories of awards for excellence in writing, which carry substantial monetary awards (some, as high as $1000, and occasionally more):

  1. academic writing,
  2. journalism,
  3. creative writing.

Students may nominate themselves for the Voss Awards.  Departmental nominations of outstanding students are also welcomed. Whether self-nominated or put forward by the department, students will need a  letter of recommendation or evaluation as described below. 

Voss Awards will be given at the Honors Graduation Awards ceremony on the Thursday prior to graduation. We are honored that the twin sisters of Virginia Voss are able to join us to assist in the presentation.

Deadline: Information may be sent electronically to by the second Monday in April by noon.

Information for Major Directors, Advisors, and Departmental Representatives:

We require input from the department/advisor for all entries regarding the strength of the nominee and their departmental ranking (if applicable). If the department is nominating multiple students, one letter comparing the work of all the women in your department is fine; you need not supply individual letters for each applicant. The more guidance provided about the quality of the nominee's work, the better. Faculty who submit nominations are welcome to attend the Awards Ceremony.