This section will walk you through the process of applying to the LSA Honors Program and answer questions regarding the process. Finally, the actual essay questions are provided.

Please note: our admissions process is in alignment with acceptance into U-M LSA. For this reason, we require admittance into LSA prior to your application to the Honors Program. We will post the essay prompts in late October, so that you can begin writing (if you choose), but the actual upload will not be accepted until after the first round of admits which are historically mid December. 

Each of these questions will link you to appropriate answers. Under the buttons on the main Prospective Students page, you can find links regarding (1) general information about Honors (2) opportunities for Honors students, and (3) what to expect in your first year.


Essay Questions

Test scores and grades are only part of what goes into our admissions decision-making. That's why we require all students who apply to the Program to write an additional essay as part of their application to Honors. The essay is an invaluable holistic evaluation tool, enabling us to determine if your interests and talents are a good fit with the Honors Program. It's a time- and labor-intensive process, but each year, we are rewarded through our interactions with such an amazing group of young people.

How Many Apply/How Many are Accepted?

Our applications reviewers read more than 1900 essays to fill an incoming class of approximately 450-500.

Application Timeline

Our 2014-2014 Essay Questions are not available at this time. We will post them early in October. Students cannot submit the essay until they are admitted into LSA; the first round of admissions happens late November/early December, depending on the school's timeline.

Receiving the Decision

After you have submitted your essay, you will find our reply in one of these places:

  1. If you have not paid a deposit to U-M to attend, the reply is in the Friend Account email space you used to upload your essay.
  2. If you have paid your deposit to attend this fall, the reply is in your UMich (Wolverine Access) student email account. You can find this at Follow the prompts for your user name and password.
  3. If you have thoroughly examined your UMich email account and do not see the email, please contact Include your student information.

FERPA NOTICE: Due to FERPA regulations, we cannot release student academic information to parents, even if the student has provided ID information, unless we have a written FERPA release on file. We will not be able to discuss your student's application, other than in the most basic way. Please use the link, above, to familiarize yourself with this law.

Accepting the Invitation to Join Honors Link

There are instructions in your acceptance email in order to accept or decline your invitation to join the LSA Honors Program. More information is available here.

Applying to Honors Before Deciding on U-M

We strongly urge you to apply to Honors even before you know that you are going to come to U-M. That way it is likely that you will be able base your decision, in part, on whether or not you are in Honors.

Transfer Student Information

Transfer Information Link

Current LSA Student Application 

Current LSA students are welcome to apply during their first two years. Simply email your student information (ID, uniqname), along with a paragraph about your interest in the program, to this link: Our Assistant Director will contact you to set up an appointment.

If you are in your junior year, generally students join Honors by declaring a major and deciding to write a thesis. In this case, you will speak with an advisor/faculty in the department of your major, who will contact us that you are beginning this process. Your advising contact and graduation audit will transfer to Honors (from LSA Newnan Advising Center) following this notification.


Honors Essay Questions

To help us determine whether you might thrive in the Honors community, you will respond to one of the posted prompts. Please limit your essay to 500-1000, but not more than 1000 words. 

We will post the 2014-15 essay questions early in October, however, essays will not be accepted until the first round of LSA admits in late November/early December.


First Year Student Quick Links

Click on the LSA or Block M logos in the header, above, to return to these respective pages. Additional information is available on these links:
U-M Admissions
You Can Go Blue! Financial Information Pages*
U-M Office of Financial Aid*
LSA Student Scholarships*

Campus Days U-M Undergraduate Admission Tours
Campus Tours
Central Campus Informational Tour
M Student Life Housing

*The Honors Program does not offer financial incentives to first-year students. Please use these links to determine your scholarship/aid packages and overall affordability. "You can go Blue!"