Accepting the Invitation

How Do I Accept My Invitation?

Accepting your invitation to Honors is easy.  Send us an email at Please don't forget to include your full name and UMID number. That will allow us to identify you as one of our incoming Honors students, and make it possible for you to register for an Honors space in Summer Orientation and to select Honors Housing in your UM Housing application.

We hope to hear from you as soon as you know that you plan to attend the University, but if we invite you to Honors before or on April 24th, you need to let us know by May 1, whether or not you accept the invitation so that we can hold your place in the Program.

Once you let us know you've accepted your invitation, you are set as far as Honors is concerned. You do, however, have to pay your Enrollment Deposit by May 1 to confirm to UM that you plan to enroll.  Here's a link to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions website that explains how to pay your Enrollment Deposit.

Please note: if you decide to join Honors AFTER you have already reserved your place at New Student Orientation, you MUST contact the Office of New Student Programs in order to secure a space in an Honors Orientation session. Click here to go to the Office of New Student Programs.

Not coming to U-M?

Please email us letting us know that you're not coming.  Include your name and UMID number in your email, and we'd appreciate if you could let us know where you plan to go to school.

Coming to U-M but don't think you want to do Honors?

Before you send us back a "no," check out the information available here on our web site. We wouldn't have invited you if we didn't think you'd benefit from being in Honors. Please be aware that, should you change your mind after a semester, we invite only a handful of second-semester freshmen and second-year students to the program.  Your first opportunity is your best one; the fact that you were invited before freshman year does not guarantee that we can extend a later invitation. Look closely at the resources on this web site before choosing not to join the Honors Program; if you ultimately decide it's not for you, please let us know that in your email.