Housing Application

Freshman Housing Application Process

Starting in mid-March, the University Housing Office will send out an e-mail message to all students who have paid their enrollment deposits, and then will continue to send e-mails in batches to groups of students who have newly paid their deposits. The e-mail will give you instructions on how to apply for housing online.  In your online application, you will have the opportunity to indicate that you are in Honors and want Honors Housing.  You will be able to indicate your preference for a co-ed Honors corridor or a single-sex Honors corridor.

Along with all other incoming students, all Honors students who have applied for Housing by early May will be given a randomly-assigned number for placement in Housing. So long as space is available, Honors students who have indicated a preference for Honors Housing will be placed there by the order of their number. For the exact date, please see the Housing Office website. (The MHousing icon will take you to their Facebook page.)

An Important Note About Roommate Requests

Only Honors students may live in Honors housing. If you have a friend who is coming to Michigan with whom you wish to share a room, he or she must also be in Honors if you wish to live in Honors housing. A roommate request trumps all other housing preferences! If you indicate that you wish to live with a non-Honors roommate, you will NOT be placed in Honors Housing.  

Is Honors Housing Guaranteed?

The Honors Program works closely with the Housing Office to accommodate the Honors students who wish to live in Honors Housing each year; however, all housing placement is solely at the discretion of the U-M Housing.  Because we cannot predict in advance the number of incoming and returning students who will request Honors Housing, space cannot be guaranteed. You should also note that there is a minimum six-week turnaround before you will receive your housing placement, so please be patient once you've submitted your application.   

Honors and Other Michigan Learning Communities (MLCs)

Honors is primarily an academic program with an option for Honors Housing. Students may be in both the Honors Program and a residential Michigan Learning Community (MLC).  However, on the Housing Application students must make a choice whether they will apply for Honors Housing or for one of the residential MLCs.  Students who apply for residential MLCs on the Housing application are not eligible to apply to Honors Housing.  If a student applies and is denied admission to a residential MLC, that student will enter the general University Housing placement process.  The student may then apply for Honors Housing the following year, if eligible.