Message from the Director

Dr. Helen Morgan

Welcome to the Health Science Scholars Program!

This unique Michigan Learning Community is intended for students who may be interested in a profession in the health sciences.  Our primary goal is to support students’ transition to the University of Michigan in a diverse, academically supportive and friendly community.   We strive to achieve this goal through the academic and residential aspects of the Health Science Scholars Program (HSSP).

The academic component consists of a fall and winter course for all HSSP first year students that will explore issues and opportunities in the health sciences and professions.  The courses explore a diversity of careers related to aspects of the health science fields, and students will have the opportunity to spend time with clinicians, educators, ancillary support and researchers in a variety of fields both in the classroom, and on the job with shadowing observation exercises.

All HSSP first year students live together in a residential community in Couzens Residence Hall, with support from HSSP sophomore peer advisors, junior and senior Resident Advisors as well as HSSP staff and faculty.   Students participate in a wide variety of community service, multi-cultural, community building, identity exploration and awareness, educational outreach and wellness events. 

We strive not only to expose students to health-related issues and health professions, but to also nurture them in the virtues common to all health professions: empathy, compassion, altruism, responsibility, integrity and service-above-self.  HSSP seeks to provide a firm footing in the earliest steps of pursuing a field in the health professions through its academic, cultural, mentoring and advising activities.

We hope that all of us in the Health Science Scholars Program have the opportunity to meet and assist you in the exploration of the health professions.


Sincerely yours,

Helen Morgan, MD

Director, Health Science Scholars Program, College of LSA

Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Michigan Medical School