Program Mission

As a first-year residential living community, HSSP is committed to providing the following benefits to its members:

  • support for members as they transition to the University of Michigan
  • promotion of students' exploration of issues and opportunities in the health sciences and professions
  • furthering students' understanding of the diversity of UM and the health professions
  • developing students' leadership skills through mentorship and programming opportunities
  • offering guidance and resources to assist students on their pre-health journeys

To accomplish this mission, HSSP students:

  • Live together in common corridors.
  • Complete a two-semester core course (UC 105 - 106) that explores issues and opportunities in a wide range of health fields.
  • Observe faculty and clinicians in real-life settings across the health professions.
  • Meet faculty, advisors, and students from U-M's health schools at co-curricular events.
  • Participate in community service, multicultural, and wellness events.