Alumni Spotlight

Meet Sumeet and Kathryn Goel

HSSP is a special program. Having a group of college freshmen interested in health related careers living together in the residence hall creates a unique, collaborative student experience unlike any other. We took many of the same courses, struggled with similar career considerations, and were interested in comparable student groups. All this while still providing personal growth with exposure to new ideas thanks to Michigan's amazing diversity. The program provided us with lifelong friends, professional experience that solidified our understanding of various health professions, and planted the seed for our future as our HSSP romance has grown to a wonderful marriage and family. We have since become a family practice physician, a clinical psychologist, and parents to two beautiful children and a lovable dog. Our lives have been filled with great joy and, since it never would have happened without HSSP, the program will always hold a special place in our hearts.


Meet Shakina Russell

Shakina joined HSSP as a freshman in 2006. The program served as her first introduction to public health and led to her interest in pursuing healthcare leadership. She enjoyed her time with HSSP so much so, that she returned to serve as a Graduate Student Instructor during the 2013-2014 academic year. Shakina graduated from the University of Michigan School of Public Health in 2014 with a Master of Public Health and a Master of Health Services Administration. She currently works in Annapolis, MD as the Administrative Fellow at Anne Arundel Medical Center where she is mentored by its President & CEO and is gaining hands on hospital management experience. 



Meet Tiffany Pong

When I applied to the University of Michigan, I was already intent on pursuing a career in healthcare. As far as specifics go, I was undecided. I joined HSSP open to all possibilities, and it surely delivered. HSSP afforded me a safe environment to explore various health careers through a combination of classes, shadowing, and volunteer opportunities. I graduated having fulfilled the pre-med requirements —  I even took the MCAT, and did quite well! — but after serious consideration, I opted to follow the physician assistant (PA) path. My decision required that I take additional prerequisite courses prior to applying to PA school. During this period, I also worked as a nurse assistant in both a nursing home facility and at the University of Michigan Hospital to accrue enough hands-on, clinical hours. I ultimately chose to attend Shenandoah University for PA school, and it ended up being the perfect program for me! The program was a grueling journey, not without its obstacles. But it was equally rewarding, as I was able to find a terrific job right after graduation. I currently work as a neurosurgery PA at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center. I spend my time split between the operating room and the outpatient clinic setting. As cliche as it sounds, I am always learning new things (and better ways of doing them) on the job each day. I am blessed to enjoy the small role I play in the world of medicine. And I'm getting hitched next year to the stud who lived down the hall from me at Alice Lloyd, with a fellow HSSPer as my maid of honor. HSSP, I owe you one -  in both my professional and personal lives. Forever, Go Blue!