Jacqueline Franklin

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Resident Advisor

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    Year: SeniorSchool: LSA (Life Science Informatics)
    Hometown: Beverly Hills, MI
    Hobbies/interests: outdoor activities, spending time with family, redditting
    Toughest class: EECS 183 Elementary Programming Concepts (this also happens to be my favorite class)
    Best HSSP experience: Picking up garbage on the side of the road in downtown Pontiac for Gandhi Day. I felt like I was physically making a difference with the other HSSPers by my side. The rain ponchos made out of garbage bags were just an added bonus.
    Why I chose to become a HSSP RA: I wanted to make a difference in others' lives.  This is an excellent opportunity for me to teach what I have learned and to also learn from my peers and residents.
    Random fact about me: My go-to meal in the dining hall: oatmeal, scrambled eggs, spinach, and yogurt mixed together to form a glorious breakfast creation.