Peer Advisors

  • Are second-year HSSP participants
  • Support Resident Advisors in promoting a warm, welcoming, and healthy substance-free floor community
  • Help plan community-building events that expand learning beyond the classroom
  • Aid RA's in leading at least one Programming Area (see above)
  • Assist first-year students with their transition to life at U-M

'15-'16 Sophomore Peer Advisors

A group of 30 first-year HSSP students who will be returning as Peer Advisors in Fall 2015.

Matthew Arnold

Major: I am currently considering a major in either Biology or Psychology. Furthermore, I plan to go on to medical school after I have completed my undergraduate studies and I aim to become a pediatrician.

Hometown: I am from Southfield, Michigan.

Hobbies: My hobbies include reading, playing video games, and playing the viola. My favorite sports are basketball and football. In addition to being apart of HSSP, I am also apart of the Leaders and Best program.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: My favorite part about being a member of HSSP included being able to meet and connect with so many people that are interested in health care on a personal and friendly level while also being able to learn about various dynamics of health care. I wanted to become a PA because of the impact that HSSP has had on both my college experience and my life overall. In this sense, I was especially inspired by the way the PAs treated me as well as the support they gave me, adding to the welcoming and supportive community that HSSP provides. The PAs have been instrumental in helping me to adjust to my first year of college, offering me advice, and providing me with the security of knowing that I could always count on their support. As a result, I have felt a great desire to give back to the HSSP community. In this regard, I believe that helping incoming HSSPers make a smooth transition from high school to college while offering my support as a PA within HSSP would be the best way for me to do so while not only upholding the values of HSSP and the University of Michigan as a whole, but also in assisting me to make the experience of first year students within HSSP a great one.

I look forward to and am excited for the opportunity to rejoin the HSSP community as a PA during the 2015-2016 school year.


Ross Baiers 

Major: I am pursuing a double-major with Program in the Environment (PitE) and either International Studies or Spanish. Although I came into HSSP completely sure that I wanted to become a cardiothoracic surgeon, within my first semester I found the field of Public Health and I have never looked back since! I now aspire to attain my MPH or PhD in Global Environmental Health and spend my life working in different countries around the world!

Hometown: I come from the tiny town of Watervliet, MI, home to just 1,735 lucky people! Interestingly enough, my roommate Johnny Cole is from my rival town of Coloma just 5 minutes away, yet we never actually met each other until we were in HSSP!

Hobbies: On campus, I'm involved with CAMEO, ASB, and I am a volunteer with the RUSLAN service project where I teach English to seniors from the former Soviet Union (and I learn a little bit of Russian from them as well)! I play three different instruments, trumpet, french horn, and piano, so music is a very big part of my life. In my free time, I love learning new languages, exploring Ann Arbor, spending way too much money on vegetarian food, and watching any show Shonda Rhimes produces!

Favorite aspect of HSSP: Although I love absolutely everything about HSSP, the support system that binds the community was my favorite part of my freshman year and the ultimate reason that I wanted to become a PA. Coming from a very small high school (76 in my graduating class), I was very worried joining a class of freshman almost 1000x that size, but HSSP eased all of my worries. Anytime I have a bad day or just need someone to talk to, I literally have over 100 people that are always there for me! As a testament to this fact, I was actually hospitalized due to a virus as a freshman, and a PA spent hours with me in the hospital! To be a PA and have the opportunity to be a source of support and encouragement for the 2015-16 freshman was my dream from the very beginning of my freshman year, and now it's a reality!

I absolutely love music, especially Beyoncé and Sam Smith, so feel free to stop by my ***Flawless room and Stay With Me!


Kim Chan

Major: I'm Pre-med, but I am not set on my major yet. I'm thinking about majoring in Interdisciplinary Chemical Sciences and minoring in Medical Anthropology, but who knows?

Hometown: I am from Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, a small suburban town with a tiny high school. Being from out-of-state, HSSP played a huge role in my transition to this huge university because of its friendly and supportive environment. You meet friends on your first day here, and it's great how everyone is so welcoming.

Hobbies: I love playing tennis, for fun and competitively, so if you ever need a hitting partner, just say the word. Aside from sports, I love volunteering, playing the piano and the flute, skiing, reading, traveling and watching movies, and spending time with friends. When I have the time, I like going to the farmer's market, window shopping on Main Street, and coffee shops.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: My favorite part of HSSP is how it became my second home with its warm, welcoming community in which you can always find support. I love how people keep their doors open whenever they're in their rooms and how the HSSP faculty is so passionate and enthusiastic about the community. HSSP is such a tight-knit group, and the program helped me so much through my transition that I want to make it fun and enjoyable for the incoming freshman.

I'm looking forward to meeting new HSSPers next year!


Johnny Cole

Major: My major is looking to be neuroscience going into premed, but I am not quite sure yet. I am thinking about minoring in math as well. What I want my future to hold is being a successful heart surgeon working somewhere close to my home town (close to my family).

Hometown: The little town I love to call home is little o'le Coloma in southwest Michigan. It's not the biggest place or most exciting place to go, but living there all my life has made me into who I love today. One cool thing is that Coloma is right next to Lake Michigan which makes for great summer and spring breaks!

Hobbies: While in high school, I was always in a sport year round. I always enjoy playing basketball, baseball, football, or even just something that includes physical activity like running, working out, or playing some game with friends. Chess has always been a hobby I like when I have someone to play with. Making people laugh would be my favorite hobby most of all. Hearing people laugh always makes me feel much better about the world.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: While in HSSP as a freshman, my favorite part was being able to meet so many people that are interested in the same future as myself. Without HSSP, the environment of the first year of college would not have been as settling somewhere else. HSSP allows one to get many chances to experience many things in a hospital. With the observations, I was able to figure out more about what I want my future to be filled with. I want to help upcoming freshman get a better experience than I had my freshman year.

Whenever someone needs a good laugh, come to me :)


Max Cornblath

Major: I'm planning on majoring in biology, and hopefully med school is somewhere in my future.

Hometown: I'm from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and went to Pioneer High School.

Hobbies: I swam in high school, so I still swim to stay in shape and am a member of the triathlon club. I'm involved with Alternative Spring Break, and I also work with students on campus who have disabilities. I am also a part of the Standardized Patient Program at the hospital. For leisure, I like re-watching old Scrubs episodes, hanging out with friends and watch Family Feud, and comparing all the burrito places in Ann Arbor.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: My favorite part of HSSP as a freshman was the tight knit community and support system that quickly formed on my floor. I also really enjoyed the guest speakers in the UC 105/106 classes because every week we got to learn about different aspects and perspectives of healthcare. All of the PA's my freshman year were great role models, and always there to give advice, or just to talk with and have fun. I wanted to be a PA so that I could remain a part of, and give back to, this awesome community that played such an important role in shaping my freshman year experience.


Elizabeth Cowdin

Major: I am undecided but leaning towards Neuroscience with a minor in Economics.

Hometown: Washington Township, MI

Hobbies: In my free time, I enjoy binge-watching Netflix, reading, listening to/ talking about Ed Sheeran with my roommate, and playing the piano. On the weekends I usually volunteer with my service organizations on campus. If I'm not in the dorms, I am probably at the VA Hospital or finding new and awesome places to study...or drinking coffee at Espresso Royale.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: When you first step on campus, this place seems so large and unfamiliar. With HSSP, though, U of M becomes home and all of your peers become part of your family. We all stick together through the ups and downs of college, and having that support system there for you is always comforting. Having mentors to look up to as a freshman was truly one of the greatest parts of HSSP, which I why I wanted to be PA. Giving back to the community that did so much for me was a priority! I am looking forward to all of the new experiences of the upcoming year. I am really excited to get to know the new freshman and form more great friendships in HSSP.

I am a coffee aficionado. Stop by my room for some coffee (or tea) and snacks.


Catherine Daoud

Major: Currently, I'm undecided but the beauty of college is to try and explore new things. It is because of this that now I have some interest in major I would have never considered such as Women studies, biology and maybe a minor in business.

Hometown: I'm from Oak Park, Michigan.

Hobbies: One of my favorite things to do is watch movies with friends. I love watching action-packed movies and TV shows while grubbing out on food. On the other hand, I also try to live an active lifestyle by working and being involved in my community through organization such as SIA.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: As a freshman, HSSP was one of the best things I could have ever done. It was my way of making this big campus small. The community and the friendships I have made are ones that will last a life-time. It was also because of HSSP that my view about the Health/medical field have changed. Through observations, the UC Class and the professional autobiographies I was able to see the medical field from every side. I had great PAs who helped me so much. I wanted to become PA so that I can help and spread the knowledge my experiences has given me. I'm so excited to meet all the new students and have a fun and enjoyable year.


Cassidy Durkee

Major: I haven't picked a major yet and am trying to remain open to a wide variety of possibilities. "Pre-health", feels most appropriate, although I am currently planning on applying to medical school later on.

Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

Hobbies: At the moment, I am working to get the "Genes in Diseases and Symptoms" (GIDAS) club started on campus. I was in this club in high school, and we volunteer with high schoolers who are learning/using computational biology to research specific genes as they relate to genetic diseases. On campus, we are trying to get students talking about the "personalized medicine" movement, as well as encouraging students to think about the ways that efficient genomic sequencing is changing different aspects of health care. I am also a soon-to-be SAPAC volunteer, and will be helping to facilitate Relationship Remix in the fall. I also volunteer in a neurology lab across the street at the Biomedical Science Research Building and am working on a UROP project in the PICU at Mott Children's hospital. I don't play any sports right now, but I love going for walks in the Arb, canoeing/kayaking on the Huron River (when it isn't so cold!) and hula hooping.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: Getting to know a group of students with similar interests has been my favorite part, but more specifically, I have really loved getting to talk about real-world issues that relate to the group's common interest (health/healthcare :). I came from a relatively small high school, and was worried about being able to find a sense of community in the larger campus. HSSP has given me the chance to get comfortable within a smaller community while still encouraging its students to explore all the university has to offer. I'm excited to help new students with their transition to campus and to inspire others/be inspired to pursue interests as a PA.


Mekenna Eisert

Major: I am thinking of majoring in Communication Studies and on a pre-health track.

Hometown: I am from Clarkston, Michigan. I considered myself to be a pretty independent person in high school, but after the first few weeks of college, it was evident that everything was a new experience. Even simple tasks like laundry threw me off! It was nice to have a comfortable, supporting community to love me when I needed it.

Hobbies: I dance in the Ann Arbor Pure Existence Dance Co., am the Director of Media for Progressive Health Partnership, volunteer in the Emergency Department, and am part of the Red Cross Club on campus.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: My favorite part of HSSP was all of the 'family events' that HSSPers planned. All of these events brought HSSPers close together, and we became a tight-knit group because of them. After a long day of classes, it is nice to come back to a community you know and trust. I want to create this type of community for my mentees.


Yadonay Engeda 

Major: My major is BCN and minoring in German Studies.

Hometown: I am from East Lansing, Michigan. Although I am in state, adjusting to new places in not something new for me. I moved to America about 6 years ago so adjusting to a new life in America was challenging. I had a similar fear coming into college away from home but HSSP has helped me make friends that have made my transition into college easier.

Hobbies: I love watching movies and listening to music. I am from Ethiopia and therefore love watching Ethiopian movies because it reminds me of my hometown.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: I loved making new friends and being part of a community that supported me academically and socially.

I am really excited to get to know the new freshman and form more great friendships in HSSP.


Cameron Gagnon 

Major: I am in the process of transferring to the College of Engineering to major in Computer Science Engineering. If this does not work out, I will still pursue Computer Science in the college of LS&A. I would like to one day work at Google, as they will one day rule the world with their outstanding technologies.

Hometown: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Hobbies: I am in the Michigan Men's Glee Club as I have been in choir in High-school, and wanted to continue that activity. The closest thing I do to sports are push-ups. I really enjoy staying up ridiculously late and computer science.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: The first day of moving in is really what sold me on being a PA. They came to my room before I even unpacked, introduced themselves, and made me feel welcome in this what was once a foreign place. Since then they've been nothing but awesome individuals who have answered so many of my questions. Being able to help new Freshman have this same experience really gets me jazzed.

If you have any computer troubles, I'd be happy to help, no matter what time of day it is!


Emily George

Major: I am considering Neuroscience as a major, but I plan to go to medical school.

Hometown: Naperville, IL - About an hour outside of Chicago Being an out-of-state student, HSSP made my transition to a university setting much easier by simply being very friendly and supportive. Everyone always made sure I knew that they were always there if I needed anything, which I truly appreciated. Not knowing anyone at the U of M, I also really valued the HSSP events held at the beginning of the year that allowed me to meet people and make friendships immediately.

Hobbies: I love to watch movies, listen to music, bake, ski, and volunteer in my community. I am not very good at sports but I loved volleyball in high school and may possibly join an IM team here. Currently, I am a FAST member in the Red Cross Club, which is a fun and exciting way for me to be exposed to medical settings in a different way than a physician does.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: I'd say that meeting people who have similar ambitions and being able to create a support system for myself is one of my favorite parts of HSSP. We are such a close-knit community and having people who are going through the same classes/looking at similar fields makes the journey so much more enjoyable. Our PA’s and RA’s have often already gone through what are currently doing, so the support and advice they lend is priceless. It’s one of the biggest reasons I wanted to become a PA; to pass on the great support and advice that I received as an incoming freshman who had no idea where to start. I want to create an encouraging environment for all our freshman and let them know that I am always here to listen and/or help! I also really enjoyed the speakers who came to talk to us, both in UC 105/UC 106 , and in the professional autobiographies. They offer such great advice and show us that there are multiple way to reach a destination, whether that be medical school, nursing, etc.


Kieandra Harvey

Major: I plan to major in Biopsychology Cognition and Neuroscience. I know that I want to go to Medical school, but I am unsure if I still want to become a Neurosurgeon as I have planned to become before or become a Psychologist or Neurologist or something like that I'm still trying to figure that out.

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Hobbies: I am apart of Student Ambassadors, Support for Incoming Black Students (SIBS), and Leaders and Best as well as CAMEO which is a multicultural council in Couzens. I am a down to earth person who enjoys sports, shopping, and music. Music is apart of every aspect of my life and I enjoy almost all genres.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: My favorite part about HSSP was the observations and the Professional Autobiographies. In both of these aspects I was able to see that there are many roads to take to become what you want to be in life. I got the chance to hear from many people who have taken such interesting paths to get where they are now. Hearing from them has inspired me to not give up because one route isn't working the I want it to. Also I got the chance to observe some really cool people in the hospital. The reason I wanted to become a Peer Advisor was because I want to show the next incoming HSSPers the benefits of being apart of this program. To encourage them to verge outside of their comfort zone and try new things. I want to help the new HSSPers realize that this is a beneficial program that they should take advantage of.


Sarah Herndl 

Major: Currently Undecided, but definitely interested in majoring in a social science such as Psychology or Anthropology.

Hometown: Grand Haven, Michigan

Hobbies: I am originally from Austria, and so I grew up learning German and was always surrounded by lots of different cultures since everything in Europe is pretty close together. Living in Europe shaped me into being a very open minded person towards others and their traditions and it also is the reason for my love for cheese and bread. I enjoy traveling and I hope that in my future I will be able to visit places I have yet to see and maybe even be able to combine these trips with doing things that will make a difference in the world. I also love to draw and do anything creative and I enjoy skiing a lot.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: My favorite part of HSSP as a freshman was that it became my family and my support system. Cliche, I know, but it really is true. I struggled with the transition from high school to college a lot but my Peer Advisors helped me out and made everything more fun and overall better. Not to mention I also gained great friends amongst all my other fellow HSSPers. That's why I wanted to be a PA, so that I can do the same for all the new HSSPers and because frankly I didn't want to leave this awesome place quite yet.


Skyler Jackson

Major: Undecided major, thinking of a CASC minor with a pre-med track :)

Hometown: Commerce twp., MI

Hobbies: I love to watch movies and listen to music! I'm involved with various groups on campus/in Couzens. I did CAMEO and was a rep for SIA, I'm a member of Circle K and love volunteering! CMC, Lean In, DMUM, and ASB are some things things I'm involved in.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: I absolutely loved how friendly the PAs were and the observations were so interesting that I knew I wanted to have more experience in HSSP. Welcome week was really fun with all the planned activities and having a chill class with friends was an added bonus! I wanted to do what others did for me- welcome and be a resource for the new HSSPERS!!


Vikas Kanneganti

Major: I am striving to major in Neuroscience and manage to make it into the prestigious medical school here at the University of Michigan. The reason I am planning on Neuroscience is because to me it really is the most fascinating party of the human body. In addition, I would like to minor in writing as I feel it will help me in the future and because writing is something I really do enjoy doing.

Hometown: I am from town called Canton, Michigan located about twenty minutes outside of Ann Arbor in the direction from where the sun rises.

Hobbies: At the University of Michigan, I am apart of the Neuroscience Student Organization as well as being apart of the HSSP Alternative Spring Break trip to Texas this year. My hobbies include passionately playing and watching soccer, running, listening to music, watching good quality cinema, binge-watching shows (mainly dramas) on Netflix and spending time with my friends.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: Nearing the end of my first term here at the University of Michigan, I am grateful to say that I have had the most amazing time with what I know will be lifelong friends. In addition, not only do I feel at home, but also confident in the direction my future seems to be headed. I owe this happiness and sense of confidence largely to the wonderful community of HSSP and the Peer Advisors who have been so kind, welcoming, and most importantly—helpful. Because of the great experience and transition that HSSP has provided me during my first year, I wish to help be apart of that for the next group of Freshman and allow them to have the same incredible experience that I have had.

I am very excited and blessed to be apart of the HSSP community once again and am looking forward to providing an outstanding first-year experience to all of the future HSSPers I will have the pleasure of meeting. Go HSSP and Go BLUE!


Nathaniel Maekawa 

Major: Although I am officially undecided, I plan on declaring a major in International Studies with a concentration in Global and Environmental Health. Besides my fascination with the topic, I plan on majoring in this because I think it will assist me in understanding people of various backgrounds. This understanding will allow me to be a better communicator when I reach my ultimate goal of becoming a doctor.

Hometown: Coming from Austin, Texas, HSSP unquestionably helped with my out-of-state adjustment. The many events exclusive to HSSP members allowed me to meet a lot of people and exposed me to a ton of opportunities to take advantage of. This combination truly helped me to feel comfortable with the transition.

Hobbies: A great interest of mine is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I love to exercise, and always try to squeeze out extra time to get in a workout or participate in Intramural Sports (shoutout out to HSSP Landsharks and The 300 Wolverines). A couple of clubs that I am involved in are Humanity First and The Motley Crew! Both are volunteer organizations that do a phenomenal job of coordinating events for students to reach out and help make the community stronger and more unified.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: While there are many incredible facets of HSSP, my personal favorite was the localization of opportunities. Whether you are an in-state or out-of-state student, coming to Michigan can be overwhelming. Michigan provides tons of organizations to cover a wide spread of interests, and with so many groups the jumble of which to join can be a bit stressful. HSSP was of great help to me because of its focus on discovering clubs that met an individual's specific interests. I realized that I wanted to be a PA when I saw that I had something to contribute to the program. I believe that my own experience in weaving through all of the opportunities that the university has to offer can help guide freshmen to the clubs that will be meaningful to them, and in turn result in a great first year.

Here's to a great year, and I can't wait to meet all of the incoming HSSPers!


Andrew Malik 

Major: I am currently (and plan to stay) in the nursing school here at Umich, working towards my BSN. Afterwards, who knows. Emergency room maybe? I at least got the undergrad figured out. As for the rest, I'm just going to play it where it lies.

Hometown: I am from the wonderful city of Westland, Michigan which happens to be located about 27 minutes east of this ineffable institution.

Hobbies: I partake of many things which I enjoy to occupy my time with. These things are, but not limited to: musical instruments (guitar mostly, but ukulele has snuck in there as well), running (I am part of the Mrun club sport team here on campus), Dance Marathon, Alternative Spring Break, tea drinking (preferable some sort of green variety) and most importantly, Pokémon.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: The thing that I loved about HSSP the most was the community. I'm sure this is something that pretty much everyone will say, but that should only go to show how astounding it is. Coming to school at the venerable University of Michigan can seem a little overwhelming at first; there's kids from literally everywhere here. It can make you feel like a very tiny fish in a very large pond. But I can honestly say that by the end of welcome week, I had already formed several friends in HSSP that I knew I would carry with me. HSSP allows this large pond to feel smaller, to feel like home. As for wanting to become a PA, I simply just wanted to provide the same experience I had for the new class of HSSPers. So yeah, go HSSP.


Robert Molnar

Major: Despite being a member of the Health Science Scholars Program, I am not majoring in anything science related, so I'm kind of a black sheep in HSSP. I am planning to double major in history and psychology, since I love learning about the historical events (specifically 20th century conflicts) and about the brain. I am also intending on minoring in writing, since it is something that I enjoy doing. My current plan to graduate from this prestigious university in a few years' time and enroll into law school (hopefully here), where I hope to become a Health Care attorney.

Hometown: I am from a little town near Flint called Grand Blanc, which is an hour away from the University. Living near Flint has certainly had an impact on who I am today, with all the fun recreational activities that are available.

Hobbies: I am a member of the Career Center Student Advisory Board, where I help the Career Center make crucial decisions on how to make undergraduates more aware of the wonderful opportunities that are present there. In my spare time, I enjoy playing tennis, euchre, and poker, binge watching Netflix (I watched 4 seasons of Parks and Rec in 1 week here), and listening to music. When I'm back home, I also enjoy shooting.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: The small community of HSSP was undoubtedly the best part of the program. Going to such a large university with over 20,000 undergraduates can be a little overwhelming, so being in this program was a nice transition. Being in HSSP allows you to become a part of a smaller tightly knit community where you can interact with people who share the same interests as you. As for why I became a PA, it has to do with the PA's that mentored me when I was a freshmen. They were incredibly welcoming, caring, and helpful during my first year here, and I hope to be able to help incoming undergraduates the same way.

Welcome all incoming Freshman! Your first year of college is going to be great, especially as a member of HSSP. I hope that I get to know all of you a little better while I'm a PA, as that's kind of my job. If you need me for anything, feel free to email me, text me, come to my room, send me a messenger owl (or pigeon, I don't judge). Can't wait to get to know all of you, and GO BLUE!


Francine Moriguchi

Major: I am currently undecided. Although these two areas of study are quite different, my decision resides between Neuroscience and International Studies. My goal for the future is to enter medical school and pursue a profession that contributes to the health system.

Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI

Hobbies: Within the HSSP community, I am a Health and Wellness rep. Aside from HSSP I am also involved in ASB and will soon be working as a volunteer at the University of Michigan Hospital. My hobbies include drawing, painting, and playing the bass guitar.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: My favorite part of HSSP is the community. As a freshman coming from a small private school, my transition into this larger institution was quite difficult initially. However, once I entered HSSP grounds (Couzens) I instantly felt part of a welcoming community. All the PAs and RAs were extremely welcoming and seemed to always make sure that everyone was included in an activity. As my first months have passed as a college student, I have grown attached to this close knit community. Witnessing the positive impact that HSSP has had on my first college experience has only inspired me to become a PA. I hope to be just as helpful as my current PAs!

I look forward to meeting all the incoming HSSPers! GO BLUE


Jonah Peryam

Major: I am an LSA student, undecided on what I would like to major in, but would like to work in the medical field one day.

Hometown: Southgate, Michigan

Hobbies: My hobbies include participating in a variety of different sports including baseball, hockey, and tennis. I am also a very adventurous person and enjoy doing anything outside such as hiking, fishing, or skiing. Some of my favorite things to do with my friends at school include watching movies, as well as playing ping pong.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: My favorite part of HSSP was the welcoming environment that it provided right from the start. This program helped bridge the difficult gap from high school to college, both academically and socially. I wanted to be a PA to help give back to the program that helped me so much.


Grecia Quiroga

Major: I'm on the pre-med track and currently debating between majoring in Neuroscience or BCN with possibly a minor in Gender and Health.

Hometown: I'm from the small city of Jackson, MI. Home of Hinkley Bakery: the official best doughnut shop in all of Michigan (let me know if you would like me to bring some back for you when I go home! The doughnuts are to die for!)

Hobbies: I love love love to run so it's no surprise that I am part of MRun (Michigan's Running Club). Long-distance running is especially my favorite, so if you ever want to go on a long run, let me know! I am a regular volunteer at UMHS and I am also one of the directors of the Latino Culture Show which annually puts on a show that displays the beautiful Latino culture. I love finding new tv shows on netflix, reading, shopping, exploring the city, and listening to Ed Sheeran's music.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: I remember walking into Couzens Hall on move-in day thinking that this place was going to eat me alive. I had no idea what I was doing and was convinced that one of these days someone was going to figure out that I was completely lost. However, from the moment I met the PAs and RAs, my perspective completely changed. They made me feel welcome and like I truly belonged. I thank HSSP daily for helping me transition into college smoothly and effortlessly. Everyone in HSSP became my family and if it weren't for them, then I would be totally lost. I loved having a strong support group that I knew I could count on in any situation. If I ever had a question, I knew that someone would always be more than willing to help me. I wanted to become a PA so that I could help incoming first year students with the transition to college. With all the support and help that I received, I wanted to give back to the community in the best way I could! I'm excited to come back and help first year HSSPers in any way I can. I believe in all of you and I know you will all be successful!

I am so excited to meet all of the incoming first year HSSPers! Don't ever hesitate to come talk to me if you have any questions. I am always here for you! Go Blue!


Ib Saad

Major: I am currently undecided but leaning towards a science major like Biology. My current plans for the future are to attend medical school and become a doctor. I'm not sure if I want to specialize, but I have given some thought to dermatology.

Hometown: Franklin, Michigan

Hobbies: I love to play soccer when I get the chance and enjoy volunteering in my free time. I currently volunteer at the hospital and am a member of the Motley Crew and the Pre-Medical Club. In my free time I like to play cards, pool, and pretty much anything social. If you ever want to talk about school, clubs or just hangout come find me.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: My favorite part of HSSP is being able to constantly see and talk to a group of outgoing and kind people. Everyone from the staff, the current HSSPers, to the PA's and RA's are so nice to be around. I also really appreciate all of the exposure to the world of medicine that I have received.


Emily Svitek

Major: I am a LSA student, looking to major in BCN with a CASC and possibly a Biology minor. I'm looking to go into Social Work and Public Health, working with children in a hospital setting, as well as health education globally.

Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana. HSSP helped me adjust by introducing me to the campus in a helpful way. Former PAs walked my classes with me, as well as giving me directions to places I had never heard of. HSSP also gave me recommendations on good restaurants to take friends and family members.

Hobbies: I am a student athlete here at the University of Michigan. I am a member of the Women's Rowing Team and am hoping to row for the rest of my time at Michigan. Being a student athlete takes up a lot of my time, so I am not a member of any other clubs, but I enjoy running in my free time (if I ever have any). I have also been riding horses for ten years and love to get back on my horses when I get the chance to go home.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: As a freshman, my favorite part of HSSP was the strong sense of friendship and community. I felt so close to all the other members and PAs; it really made my transition into college a lot easier. As a PA I hope to offer guidance in the same way the PAs on my floor did. I had a pretty unconventional semester as a freshman (becoming a D1 athlete, changing my life goals), and I want to share the wisdom and advice I have learned with other students going through the similar scenarios.

I have an extremely packed schedule, but I still want to become familiar with all the incoming HSSP students. Feel free to text/email me or come by my room (if I am in there). I love to talk and dance obnoxiously to Taylor Swift, so come join me!


Neel Swamy

Major: Pre-Pharmacy. I am currently dreaming of a career in psychiatric or emergency pharmacy!

Hometown: Shelton, CT. Coming from the small state of Connecticut to the giant campus of the University of Michigan was without a doubt one of the biggest steps I have ever taken in my life. There have been several times where I have felt that U of M's campus is bigger than my entire home state! But HSSP provided me a unique and tightly-knit atmosphere that helped me adjust to the new, now not as scary, environment.

Hobbies: My hobbies include swimming, drawing, reading, binge-watching Netflix and writing. On campus, I am an Opinion blogger for The Michigan Daily, a member of the Pre-Pharmacy Student Organization and a volunteer at UMHS, while off-campus I represent the university as a Campus Editor at Large for The Huffington Post!

Favorite aspect of HSSP: My favorite part of HSSP was getting the chance to meet people of all backgrounds and lifestyles HSSP has allowed me to form some very strong friendships, which I believe is a blessing as a freshman attending a large and competitive public university! Being a PA will allow me to give back to the community in the same way that my PAs and RAs have done for me.


Brittany Tang

Major: I am a biochemistry major on the pre-med path. After undergrad, I hope to go onto medical school and then pursue a career as a doctor. Growing up, I spent 6 years living overseas. First in Shanghai, China and then in Pattaya, Thailand. I hope one day to return to those countries in the near future to pursue service work.

Hometown: I am from Clarkston, Michigan.

Hobbies: I love doing community service work and believe wholeheartedly in the idea of global citizenship. The first semester of my freshman year, I helped found a club called Progressive Health Partnership which focuses on raising awareness and funds for the NGO PHP which does service work in Uganda. I am also a member of the VIEW (Volunteers Involved Every Week) and have really enjoyed volunteering at the Food Gatherers and 826 Michigan.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: I most enjoyed the weekly UC105 and UC106 class. Not only did I love every individual who gave a presentation and walked us through the different elements of the healthcare system, I also found the discussions very engaging and thought provoking. What made the class so special though, was that I took it alongside the HSSP family. What made me want to be a PA was the opportunity to remain in this wonderful community and help enrich the lives of future freshmen going through the transition from high school into university as a member of HSSP.

I am so excited to meet all of the incoming members of HSSP and help to make the year an enriching experience!