Resident Assistants

  • Are third- and fourth-year HSSP members
  • Provide direct mentorship to all hall students, particularly assigned Peer Advisors
  • Help promote a warm, welcoming, and safe substance-free floor community
  • Help plan community-building events that expand learning beyond the classroom
  • Serve as students' first resource for Housing-related issues or concerns
  • Lead at least one of the following Programming Areas:
    • Community Service
    • Multiculturalism and Social Awareness
    • Programming Board
    • Publicity, Education, and Outreach
    • Health and Wellness
    • Education
    • Community-Building

'15-'16 Resident Advisors

A group of 4 juniors and 2 seniors who have been apart of the HSSP program since their freshman year, and will be returning to the community in Fall 2015.

Ben Li

Major: I'm a Junior neuroscience major and have really enjoyed my experience here at the University. The field of study is broad as well as focused, granting a plethora of opportunities that are both modern and relevant. Coming to the University of Michigan, neuroscience fascinated me; I am excited and grateful for how my studies have informed and expanded this interest. In the future, I hope to apply this to make a difference, specifically in the field of clinical health care.

Hometown: I'm from Rochester, MI, about one and a half hours northeast of Ann Arbor.

Hobbies: I've been playing tennis since I was young and love to hit the courts whenever I can! Aside from that, I'm a big fan of running (usually), football (especially in the winter), and ultimate frisbee (although I can't guarantee anything when I play). On campus, I enjoy working with my research teams, getting involved, and constantly exploring Ann Arbor. Let me know if you want to chat about anything!

Favorite aspect of HSSP: My favorite part of HSSP is the support it offers to students who are exploring their professional and personal futures. One key way HSSP facilitates this is through clinical observations. With the wide variety of observation opportunities available, it is made convenient to learn more about fields that you are interested in as well as fields that you want to explore. Some of my favorite experiences have been these clinical observations, the insights I've gained, and the relationships that I've built from them.

Looking forward to this coming year, exciting opportunities, and new experiences!


Dana Green

Major: I am a senior and a major in Sociology. I plan on continuing my education in public health. I would like to obtain a master degree in public health Health behavior and education. I would also like to spend a year working for americorp or possibly even taking two years to participate in the peace corp! I am really big on community service and would love to do one last big project before continuing with my professional career.

Hobbies: I love basketball, football, baseball pretty much anything with a ball I am down. I also enjoy playing chess, I use to play in tournaments as a kid so the habit just stuck. Its fun, relaxing and challenges the brain perfect for this college life.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: My favorite part of HSSP were the friends I made and the community we helped build it was great to know that we had voices in the community and we could shape what it became. That is why I became an RA I wanted to make sure that each student that ever became a "HSSPER" felt they had a voice in their community and that it feels like a place they could call home.

As an RA I want you to know I am human, I am fun loving, chill, laid back guy and I am here for anything you need. :)


Freddy Newing

Major: I'm a Junior and my major is Neuroscience, with plans to attend medical school in the future. HSSP definitely helped me to solidify this as the path I want to take after undergrad.  

Hometown: I'm from the distant land of Ann Arbor, Michigan (was born with maize and blue blood). Whether you're from the area or from out of town, you'll love this place in no time.

Hobbies: I'm all about music, specifically I play guitar and like to sing every now and then. Jam sessions? I'm your guy, don't be shy! I'm also a fan of dancing (not the best) and if anyone is a fan of making choreos I'm your guy for that too!

Favorite aspect of HSSP: My favorite part of HSSP had to be the close knit group that you form from being a part of the program. Experiencing it myself as a freshman, and seeing the new students have the experience made me want to come back to continue that. Being an RA, I knew I could play a small part in helping students have this :)

PSA: No matter what, always remember that you're awesome. Whatever, happens in school, good or bad, don't let it change the good within who you are as a person. Always keep your head up, you'll be just fine :)


Jacob Anderson

Major: I'm a Junior and my declared major is Cell and Molecular Biology and I am considering a minor in Asian Languages OR Applied Statistics OR Business. My future plans are to become a physician-scientist. Navigating if I want to pursue an MD or MD/PhD, as well as how involved I want to be in Urban Health and/or Global Health is my current struggle. 

Hometown: Coming from the always sunny Cleveland, Ohio (informally known as, The Land) I have first hand experience with the struggles of coming to a large public university in the state of Michigan. For example, many people are going to assume (1) You can locate 50% of the cities in Michigan on your outstretched palm (2) That you understand the rules of hockey (3) You play Euchre (4) And that you know not to wear red on Saturday's during the fall. But when you are inside HSSP, the difficulties of coming to a new state seem to melt away. Over the course of Welcome Week, the program does a phenomenal job at uniting the community under a common theme - to come to understand what it means to be pre-health. And while that may not be at the forefront of everyone's mind as you mingle throughout the first weeks in HSSP, it underlies a lot of what takes place in our home, Couzens Hall.

Hobbies: For fun I like to run, lift weights when I find myself at the CCRB, play any and all sports, and I absolutely love video games (if anyone is willing to challenge me at Halo 4, be my guest). The two programs I have taken the most advantage of on campus are the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) and Alternative Spring Break (ASB). UROP really provided me with the sciency wet-lab experience I was lacking and really connected me to some amazing researchers on the medical campus. ASB, on the other hand, is a service oriented student organization that organizes service trips throughout the eastern part of the United States. Its honestly an amazing and humbling experience that really does a great job of allowing you to see your education in a broader context. If you want to know more about UROP or ASB please ask me about it :) I will be site-leading another trip this coming spring break and would love to have as many HSSPers apply as possible!

Favorite aspect of HSSP: Picking a favorite moment from my first two years in HSSP is difficult. ONE of my favorites was riding my bike back from the DIAG and seeing a HSSPers having a water balloon fight on Palmer Field, which I dutifully joined. But I think what made me want to be an RA was a summation of all the experiences I have had in this community. Its easy to take it for granted, but when you compare HSSP to other freshman experiences, this community is more fluid and integrated than any other living arrangement I have seen on campus. After a twelve hour day of classes, research, and studying, I invariably came back to the open doors of friends who just wanted to be in each others company. If that is not what has left me coming back year after year, I don't know what has.


Jessica Eisma

Major: Senior in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience and a double minor in Spanish and Medical Anthropology

Hobbies: In my spare time, you'll find me with my nose in a good book, volunteering at the hospital and my church, crafting DIY projects, and reading inspirational blogs. I am a firm believer of morning coffee, dancing, perseverance, and being kind.

Favorite aspect of HSSP: I have countless favorite memories from HSSP, but one that stands out is from last year, when HSSP volunteered at the annual Detroit Partnership Day. It was freezing that day, and after a long, cold morning of volunteering, we headed over to the pep rally at the end. Music was blaring, and everyone was huddled in small groups waiting for the speakers to go on stage. To keep ourselves warm, we actually started a conga line to the music, snaking our way through the massive groups of other students who were just standing around. The students from other organizations either stared or smiled at us, but all I remember was the warmth from our dancing and laughter."


Olive Floto

Major: I'm a Junior majoring in Spanish, with a Biochemistry minor and a Pre-med concentration.

Hometown: Byron, MI

Hobbies: Being apart of the Health Sciences Scholars Program; Michigan Health Sciences Undergraduate Research Academy, Department of Emergency Medicine; and the Spanish Club!

Favorite aspect of HSSP: Becoming a member of the Health Sciences Scholars Program is one of the best decisions I've ever made!! It really has made a huge university seem small and welcoming. The opportunities available such as observations and professional autobiographies allowed me to discover that I am genuinely passionate about medicine and the healthcare field. I am truly grateful for the opportunities I have had and the relationships I have made, both professionally and personally.

I am truly honored to be returning to the program for my third year and I cannot wait for what this upcoming year has in store!!