Resident Assistants

  • Are third- and fourth-year HSSP members
  • Provide direct mentorship to all hall students, particularly assigned Peer Advisors
  • Help promote a warm, welcoming, and safe substance-free floor community
  • Help plan community-building events that expand learning beyond the classroom
  • Serve as students' first resource for Housing-related issues or concerns
  • Lead at least one of the following Programming Areas:
    • Community Service
    • Multiculturalism and Social Awareness
    • Programming Board
    • Publicity, Education, and Outreach
    • Health and Wellness
    • Education
    • Community-Building

Ben Tift

Major: Senior in Political Science

Hobbies: Distance Running

Favorite HSSP Memory: Leading a volunteer trip last March to Indian Trails Camp, a camp serving individuals with disabilities. Over the two days we were there, volunteers were able to get experience working with a population that is often underserved in society and that they will be working with in nearly any health-related career. Working with individuals with disabilities has become one of my passions, and it was great to see how much our trip participants learned and grew over only two days.

Jessica Eisma

Major: Junior in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience and a double minor in Spanish and Medical Anthropology

Hobbies: In my spare time, you'll find me with my nose in a good book, volunteering at the hospital and my church, crafting DIY projects, and reading inspirational blogs. I am a firm believer of morning coffee, dancing, perseverance, and being kind.

Favorite HSSP Memory:  I have countless favorite memories from HSSP, but one that stands out is from last year, when HSSP volunteered at the annual Detroit Partnership Day. It was freezing that day, and after a long, cold morning of volunteering, we headed over to the pep rally at the end. Music was blaring, and everyone was huddled in small groups waiting for the speakers to go on stage. To keep ourselves warm, we actually started a conga line to the music, snaking our way through the massive groups of other students who were just standing around. The students from other organizations either stared or smiled at us, but all I remember was the warmth from our dancing and laughter."

David Fine

Major: Senior in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience and minor in Media Studies

Hobbies: Excessive tv/film watching, rock climbing, (as of recently) reading, and mediocre piano playing

Favorite HSSP Memory: Ryan Yuchas amazing dormals

Sara Szutkowski

Major: Senior in the School of Nursing

Hobbies: Volleyball, playing catch, bike riding, reading, and being a HSSP RA :)

Favorite HSSP Memory: My favorite memories about HSSP are my two Alternative Spring Break Trips and the chance to be an RA and watch my residents explore the University while helping them out with different situations (and taking them to SkyZone!)

Ryan Yucha

Major: Senior in Microbiology and French with minor in History of Medicine and Health

Hobbies: Playing with dogs, watching Miley Cyrus youtube videos, working in the research lab

Favorite HSSP Memory: Freshman year Halloween trick-or-treating in the halls

Stephen Schlaefflin

Major: Senior in Cellular Molecular Biology

Hobbies: Walking or biking around campus, frequenting Insomnia Cookies, and running around the Law Library

Favorite HSSP Memory: My two favorite memories of HSSP were going on Alternative Spring Break with my fellow HSSPers and taking my residents to Sky Zone indoor trampoline park last year!