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Setting up the Couzens Giving Tree

Every HSSP student participates in a Student Programming Committee as part of their HSSP experience.  This gives students the opportunity to create programs and activities for their community that are fun and interesting to them.  It also gives students experience in planning events, working as a team to accomplish goals, and a great way to make friends throughout the HSSP community! Each committee is advised by a Resident Advisor and supported by Peer Advisors to help students answer questions and utilize resources along the way.

There are six different committees that students will be placed in by ordered preference:

Social Identity and Awareness

The Social Identity and Awareness (SIA) committee is dedicated to bringing awareness to the HSSP committee about different social identities and social issues. SIA works to make sure that all HSSP students feel welcome and included as part of the community and that students learn more about how their own identities and the identities of others affect their experiences.

Health and Wellness

The Health and Wellness committee focuses on creating opportunities for students to build and maintain their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. The goal is for students to be balanced and healthy, so that they can maintain focus and clarity through their other academic and occupational aspirations.

Community Service

The Community Service committee creates opportunities for HSSP students to serve the surrounding community and learn more about civic engagement and personal responsibility. Many of our HSSP students have been active in community service opportunities prior to coming to the University of Michigan and the Community Service committee gives them the opportunity to continue those activities or find new ways to serve.


Education and Outreach

The Education and Outreach committee provides fun and engaging educational opportunities for the HSSP community. This community works to support the educational mission of the HSSP community in student-generated programming that meets the needs and wants of their fellow peers. This includes organization of study groups and Professional Autobiography presentations and other educational events.  This group also organizes the outreach to incoming UM first-year students who may be interested in the HSSP program.


Annual Events

The Annual Events committee takes charge of the yearly events that are traditions of the HSSP community. These events include the HSSP “Dormal” (dorm formal), Peer Advisor Expos, Year-End Celebration, and many others. The committee may also create new events that could become yearly staples for the HSSP community.


Community Building

The Community Building committee creates exciting social programs to bring students together.  This group works to create opportunities to have fun and build friendships that make HSSP the small community within a large university. Past programs have included trips to Chuck E. Cheese and birthday recognition for every HSSP student.


Events Planning Council

The Events Planning Council (EPC) is an elected board and student representatives similar to a hall or student council.  This group is given a budget each year to help fund HSSP community events and programs.  The EPC receives program proposals and reviews them for opportunities to fund and promote the events.  Being a part of the EPC is a great way to gain more leadership experiences and a another way HSSPers can create the type of community they would like to be a part of. 

Student Leadership Positions

HSSP student leaders before a leadership retreat (2014)

HSSP student leaders before a leadership retreat (2014)

HSSP's live-in student staff provides support and mentorship for all HSSP residents, lead and/or coordinated program events, and help make HSSP a fun and supportive environment for students to live and learn.

HSSP Resident Advisors (RA)

HSSP Peer Advisors (PA)