Maria Hadjipolycarpou

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James A. Winn Graduate Student Fellow

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    “Inter-subjective Histories in the Mediterranean: History and the Poetics of Self in Postcolonial Life-Writing”

    To date, postcolonial studies have predominantly focused on regions such as Africa, India and South-East Asia, but much less so on the Mediterranean. This dissertation shifts questions of postcolonial subjectivity to the Mediterranean during the second half of the 20thcentury. The combination of the imperial with the colonial past in these societies brings about the formation of a particular subjectivity that becomes legible in the life-writing of the writers whom I am examining. This dissertation is a study of the temporal consciousness in postcolonial life-writing through select examples from the Mediterranean. It treats postcolonial life-writing as a genre with its own poetics, and focuses on one defining feature – the inclusion of history in personal narratives and the importance this inclusion has for the representation of the self. The project makes life-writing examples from Cyprus its point of reference and compares them with life-writing in Palestine and Algeria. It also extends the comparison to what Derek Walcott called the “New World Mediterranean,” the Caribbean.

  • Education
    • BA, Modern Greek and Byzantine studies, University of Cyprus, 2003
    • MA, Comparative Literature, Purdue University, 2005
    • MA, Higher Education Administration, Purdue University, 2007