Richard Pierre

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Sylvia "Duffy" Engle Graduate Student Fellow

2038 Tisch Hall

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    • Comparative Literature
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    “Mineralogies of the Subject: Languages of Stone in German and Russian Lyric Poetry, 1900-1970”

    This trans-historical and cross-cultural dissertation demonstrates how poetic figures of stone developed at the nexus of twentieth-century German and Russian literatures. In lyric poetry arising in these contexts—from early twentieth-century Modernism to the post-WWII period—figures of stone prompt rethinking of concepts of language and the relationships of the human and nonhuman. At times, texts represent stone as interpretable, communicative, and legible; at other times, texts recognize stone’s resistance to being identified with meaning, utilizing precisely this point to seek out alternative, nonhuman modes of lyric.

  • Education
    • BA in Comparative Language and Literature, University of Georgia, Athens