Michigan Faculty Fellows (2000-2001)

Carol Bardenstein
Assistant Professor, Near Eastern Studies
"Cultivating Attachments: Discourses of Rootedness in Palestine/Israel"

Michael Bonner
Associate Professor, Near Eastern Studies
Helmut F. Stern Professor
"Circulation and Exchange in the Transition from Late Antiquity to Early Islam"

Matthew Connelly
Assistant Professor, History and Public Policy
"Population Control: An International History from the Eugenics Movement to the Cairo Conference"

Gillian Feeney-Harnik
Professor, Anthropology
Hunting Family Fellow
"The Ethnography of Creation"

Arlene Keizer
Assistant Professor, English, Afroamerican and African Studies
A. Bartlett Giamatti Faculty Fellow
"Black Subjects: Theories of Identity Formation in Contemporary African American and Caribbean Literature"

Eileen Pollack
Assistant Professor, English
John Rich Professor
"Woman Walking Ahead: In Search of Catherine Weldon and Sitting Bull"

Lawrence Sklar
Professor, Philosophy
Steelcase Research Professor
"The Life of a Theory"


Michigan Graduate Student Fellows (2000-2001)

Gina Bloom
James A. Winn Graduate Student Fellow
"Choreographing Voice: Staging Gender in Early Modern England"

Charles Goodman
"Ancient Dharmas, Modern Debates: Towards an Analytic Philosophy of Buddhism"

Fernando Lara
Hunting Family Graduate Student Fellow
"Popular Modernism: An Analysis of the Acceptance of Modern Architecture in 1950's Brazil"

Morgan Liu
Sylvia 'Duffy' Engle Graduate Student Fellow
"Uzbek Sensibilities of Authority and Political Imagination in an Ex-Soviet Central Asian City"

Sarah Womack
Rackham Dean's Graduate Student Fellow
"Colonialism and the Collaborationist Agenda: Pham Quynh, France, and the Invention of a Neo-traditional Vietnam"


Michigan Visiting Fellows (2000-2001)

Massimo Bacigalupo
American Literature
University of Genoa, Italy

Benjamin Bagby and Ping Chong
Joint residency sponsored by the Jill S. Harris Memorial Fund
Creation and premiere of a new work, "Edda: Viking Tales of Revenge, Lust, and Family", co-commissioned by the University Musical Society, and Lincoln Center

Natalie Zemon Davis
Henry Charles Lea Professor emerita, Princeton University
Marc and Constance Jacobson Lecture, Fall Semester
"Rethinking Cultural Mixture: The Travels of 'Leo Africanus'"

Svetlana Alpers
Art Historian emerita, Visiting Research Professor, New York University
Marc and Constance Jacobson Lecture, Winter Semester
"Velázquez's The Spinners, or What Are We Looking For?"

Ruth Weisburg
Dean of the School of Fine Arts, University of Southern California

Felipe Ortega
New Mexican Artist
Norman Freehling Visiting Professor