Michigan Faculty Fellows (2001-2002)

Derek Collins
Assistant Professor, Classical Studies
John Rich Professor
"Master of the Game: Competition and Performance in Greek Poetry"

Nadine Hubbs
Assistant Professor, Music Theory and Women's Studies
"Composing Oneself: Gay Modernists and American Musical Identity"

Webb Keane
Associate Professor, Anthropology and Visiting Associate Professor, Asian Languages and Cultures
"Missionaries, Protestants, and Dilemmas of 'Modernity' in Indonesia"

Valerie Kivelson
Associate Professor, History
Hunting Family Faculty Fellow
"Muscovite Sketches: Maps and Their Meanings in Seventeenth-Century Russia"

Rudolf Mrázek
Professor, History
Steelcase Research Professor
"Jakarta, Indonesia: The Post-Colonial Metropolis, 1930-2002"

Patricia Olynyk
Assistant Professor, Art and Design
Helmut F. Stern Professor
"Hybrid Creatures"

George Steinmetz
Associate Professor, Sociology and German
A. Bartlett Giamatti Faculty Fellow
"Precoloniality: German Ethnographic Discourse and the Colonial State"


Michigan Graduate Fellows (2001-2002)

Apollo Amoko
James A. Winn Graduate Student Fellow
"The Problem with English Literature: Canonicity, Citizenship, and the Idea Africa"

Shannon Lee Dawdy
Anthropology and History
Mary Fair Croushore Graduate Student Fellow
"La Ville Sauvage: Colonials and Creoles in French New Orleans, 1699-1769"

Erica Lehrer
"Trauma, Tourism, and Identity: Reconstructing Jewishness in Poland"

Anna Pegler-Gordon
American Culture
"In Sight of America: Photography and US Immigration Policy, 1880-1930"

Andrea Seri
Near Eastern Studies
Hunting Family Graduate Student Fellow
"Local Power: Structure and Function of Community Institutions of Authority in the Old Babylonian Period"

Eben Wood
"Black Abstraction: Umbra and the Terms of the African-American Avant-Garde, 1960-1975"


Michigan Visiting Fellows (2001-2002)

Mel Chin
Artist, North Carolina and New York
Paula and Edwin Sidman Fellow in the Arts

Lorelei Corcoran
Director, Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology, University of Memphis

Rhys Isaac
Professor emeritus, History, La Trobe University, Australia

Martha Nussbaum
Marc and Constance Jacobson Lecture and Symposium
Law and Ethics, University of Chicago
"Global Duties: Cicero's Problematic Legacy"

Griselda Pollock
Social and Critical Histories of Art
Director of the AHRB Centre for Cultural Analysis, Theory and History, University of Leeds, UK

Gayle S. Rubin
Founder, Women's Studies Program at the University of Michigan
Norman Freehling Visiting Professor

Janet Williams
Artist, Nebraska
Jill S. Harris Memorial Fund