U-M Faculty Fellowships

Application deadline for 2016-17: Monday, December 7, 2015, 5pm.

Application form available here.

The Institute for the Humanities, founded in 1987, promotes interdisciplinary research and discourse in the humanities and the arts. The institute has a small full-time staff and a half-time faculty director, advised by a faculty executive committee on which the deans of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts and Rackham Graduate School serve ex officio. The central function of the institute is to form an intellectual community of faculty and graduate student fellows who will spend a year in residence in the institute, pursuing their research and participating in a cross-disciplinary, non-public weekly seminar. The Michigan Faculty Fellows are chosen by a selection committee of three evaluators, two from outside U-M and one member of the institute’s executive committee.

Faculty Fellowship
Faculty fellows are released from their usual teaching and service duties to pursue their research while continuing to receive their normal salary and benefits. Faculty fellows take up residence at the institute for the full academic year, participate in the weekly Fellows Seminar, and fulfill a service-to-undergraduates requirement. The institute directly funds 50% of a faculty member's salary and benefits up to a cap of $65,000. The balance is funded by the faculty member's home school/college.

Policies Set by the College of LSA
1. Only tenured or tenure-track faculty from the Ann Arbor, Flint, and Dearborn campuses may apply
2. Faculty may not apply during the year in which their tenure will be decided
3. LSA Faculty must have returned from an academic leave to one year of active duty in order to qualify for a fellowship. They may apply during their year of active duty for the fellowship year following.
4. New faculty must teach for two full-time consecutive years in order to take up a fellowship. That fellowship may occur in their third year of employment or thereafter.
5. Faculty eligible for any college-funded leave who accept our fellowship offer will be expected to combine that support with institute support during the fellowship year. In this case, the obligation to satisfy a service-to-undergraduates requirement during the year in residence at the institute will be optional. Other schools and colleges have generally followed LSA’s pattern.
6. During a given year, faculty may not apply for a Michigan Faculty Fellowship if they have applied either for a Michigan Humanities Award offered by OVPR and LSA or for a fellowship in the Frankel Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies
7. Faculty who have already held a Michigan Faculty Fellowship become eligible to re-apply six years after the end of their earlier award
8. The fellowship year does not count towards sabbatical equity
9. Prospective applicants must consult with their chairs or deans about unit policies and expectations regarding leaves and fellowships before applying
10. Applicants must notify the head(s) of the unit(s) in which they hold funded appointments of their intention to apply for a Michigan Faculty Fellowship

Selection Criteria
The selection committee looks for applicants and projects that will benefit from and contribute to the interdisciplinary nature of the group of fellows and the work of the Fellows Seminar. It seeks to achieve variety and balance in the disciplines represented by the fellows.  
Projects are judged based on (A) promise and significance of the proposed research project; (B) the humanities and arts content of the project; (C) the quality, significance, and breadth of the applicant’s prior work.

Please Note

The fellowship competition is receptive to Michigan faculty who are developing innovative approaches involving digital text analysis, archive development, data visualization, or other digital tools, as well as faculty who are moving to new modes of scholarly communication.

Application Process
Monday, December 7, 2015, at 5 PM
is the deadline for submitting completed applications.

Submit your application as a single pdf file that contains the first five elements listed below as an email attachment sent to HUM-FACAP1617@umich.edu

1. Michigan Faculty Fellowship application cover sheet
2. Curriculum vitae
3. Project description  (no more than 1,000 words)
4. Sample of your scholarly work (such as articles or chapters of books, maximum of 6,000 words excluding footnotes and bibliography) or of your creative work (such as audio/visual aids or portfolio submitted via a url link to a website)
5. Document, signed by the head(s) of the unit(s) in which you hold funded appointments
6. Recommenders (one internal, one external to U-M) should send their letters as email attachments to HUM-FACAP1617@umich.edu.

The selection committee will consider only those applications that are complete and that adhere to the specified word and page limits.

Feburary 23, 2016 is the approximate notification date.

Application form available here.