Year of Life Writing Year-in-Review

Showcasing the scholars, artists, exhibitions, and events of our 2014-15 Year of Life Writing.

Frank Born: Painter & Poets Project

An impressionistic portrait of artist Frank Born painting portraits of U-M poets.

Year of Life Writing, Fall Semester

Highlights from the first half of our 2014-15 Year of Life Writing

Trailer for Shani Peters' The Crown Exhibition

Shani Peters talks about her project at Michigan.

Drawing from the Pages of Alison Bechdel

A special (effects) portrait.

Dykes, Dads, and Moms to Watch Out For: The Comics of Alison Bechdel

U-M faculty on the work of Alison Bechdel.

Joseph Keckler: "A Voice and Nothing More"

Highlights from Keckler's Jan. 2014 Living Room Series performance.

Jen Davis: Eleven Years

Artist Jen Davis talks about the Eleven Years exhibition.

Finding Boxes with Ramiro Gomez

Walk the streets of Ann Arbor with visiting artist Ramiro Gomez.

Jennifer Karady: Soldiers' Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan

Artist Jennifer Karady talks about her ongoing project and Institute for the Humanities exhibition.

No-Touching Zone

Chris Hyndman talks about his work as well as his exhibition at the Institute for the Humanities.

Detroit Mini Assembly Line

The making of the Obscura Primavera exhibition catalog in Medellin, Colombia.

Creature: A video by Sharad Patel and Mary Sibande

View the video that was part of South African artist Mary Sibande's installation.

Lynne Avadenka: Of the Making of Many Books There is No End: Video

2013 Jill S. Harris Memorial Lecture

State of Exception: Preview

Preview of our exhibit State of Exception: Richard Barnes, Jason De León, Amanda Krugliak.

State of Exception: Interviews

A brief look at the "interview" portion of the State of Exception: Richard Barnes, Jason De León, Amanda Krugliak exhibit video component. Video by Richard Barnes and Amanda Krugliak, produced by Sharad Patel.

State of Exception: Landscape

A brief look at the "landscape" portion of the State of Exception: Richard Barnes, Jason De León, Amanda Krugliak exhibit video component. Video by Richard Barnes, produced by Sharad Patel.

Wendy Chun: "Imagined Networks, Affective Connections"

2013 Marc and Constance Jacobson Lecutre

Remainders: The Banned Book Project Video

Nigel Poor Exhibition

Time After Time: Video

Canan Tolon Exhibition

Joints 4tet for Ensemble: Video

Charles Atlas Exhibition

Peter Galison, "Einstein, Clocks, and the Materiality of Time" Video

2012 Marc and Constance Jacobson Lecture

Waiting for the Extraordinary: Video

Mark Dion Exhibition

2011 HASTAC V Conference Video

Digital Scholarly Communication

Concert: George Lewis: Interactive Trio

With Geri Allen

"Engaging the Humanities from the Inside" Video

"Engaging the Humanities from the Inside"

Pyongyang: Video

David Chung Exhibition

Author's Forum Videos

Recordings of the conversations between authors featured at our Author's Forum events.

Brown Bag Lectures on video

Beginning in Fall 2008, we have videotaped our Brown Bag lectures. We invite you to "attend" talks you missed, or to revisit ones you heard before.

Interview with former fellow Uwem Akpan

Frank Provenzano, U-M News Service, interviews Uwem Akpan about his 2009 book of short stories, Say You're One of Them.

Archive, Museum, and the Safe House of Language

The University of Michigan Institute for the Humanities explores the issue of the colonial archive in relation to that of the colonial museum in the conference “Archive, Museum, and the Safe House of Language.”

Joan W. Scott: "Sexularism: On Gender Equality and Secularization"

Professor Joan W. Scott, Institute for Advanced Study, presented the 2009 Marc & Constance Jacobson Lecture.


A conversation with artist Richard Barnes and curator Amanda Krugliak.

Talk Show Democracy Conference

Our 2009 "Talk Show Democracy" conference examined TV news, Internet blogs, newspaper editorials and other features of the information media. Continue the exploration here as you view video recordings of the conference lectures.

Emerging Scholars Prize

A prize to nurture promising young scholars was established by Cody Engle, former Chair of our Board of Visitors.

Bits of Behavior/Concepts Prior to Words

Barbara Stafford delivered the 2008 Marc and Constance Jacobson Lecture.

Philip Deloria interview

Fellow of the Month: Philip Deloria

Poorest of the Poor (conference, 2007)