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Joseph Viscomi

Doctoral Candidate in Anthropology & History

1029 Tisch Hall, Ann Arbor MI 48109-1003
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  • Fields of Study
    • Contemporary Italy, Egypt and the Mediterranean, Migration, Historical Consciousness, Anthropology of Time and the Past, Ethnography of History
  • About

    My dissertation reconstructs the final years of the Italian communities of Egypt. It follows a series of events from 1937-1967 that propelled vast changes in the collective and personal realities of the 70,000 Italian immigrants in Egypt, including their repatriation and dispersion from Egypt and acquisition of refugee status in 1950s/1960s Italy. I show how national and regional notions of identity connect to life histories and have been recorded in contemporary historical consciousness. I argue that as the Italians left Egypt, identities shaped by the historical circumstances that had brought them to and kept them in Egypt were brought to the surface in ways that shaped and continue to shape the present. My dissertation examines the history of these different yet intersecting identities, using the experiences of the Italians of Egypt to interrogate the production of historical consciousness at various scales (among these personal, familial, regional, trans/national).

  • Education
    • MA Anthropology and Sociology, American University in Cairo, Egypt
    • BA Anthropology, Juniata College, PA