Future Theme Semesters

Sport in the University (Fall 2014)

The LSA Theme Semester for Fall 2014 will be “Sport in the University”. Sports are a vital, fun, and often passionate part of culture in the U.S. and around the world generally, and on the University of Michigan campus specifically. Sports are often categorized as “extracurricular,” and this theme semester will showcase the ways that sports can be studied rigorously across the academy, as part of the curriculum. The semester will also be an opportunity for lively discussions across campus about some of the current controversial issues in intercollegiate and professional sports.

“Sport in the University” will involve a wide array of sports-related course offerings in the humanities, the social sciences, the biological and behavioral sciences, kinesiology, education, and engineering, as well as several of the professional schools. Students and faculty will have the opportunity to present their research on sports in a variety of venues. We also plan to offer a film series and a speaker series, expert panel discussions, playful academic competitions, and other events that help all of us on campus explore the intersecting worlds of sports and of academics.

Sport in the University Theme Semester Courses