About Informatics

Launched in the Fall of 2008, Informatics is one the newest undergraduate majors at the University of Michigan. Informatics is an academic collaboration between three schools within the University:

Students majoring in Informatics will graduate with a bachelor's degree in Informatics from the College of Literature, Science, & the Arts, the college in which the major is formally housed.

What is Informatics?

Think Facebook, automobile navigation systems, clinical trials, online marketing, internet searches, medical imaging, risk assessment, disaster preparedness and response, financial market analysis, DNA analysis, artificial intelligence, internet security, online community organizing, smartphone applications, digital archives, medical records storage and retrieval, political polling, supply chain management, real-time weather maps, etc. The applications made possible by coupling information with computing technology seem endless.

Informatics provides solid grounding in computer programming, mathematics, and statistics, combined with study of the ethical and social science aspects of complex information systems. Informatics majors learn to critically analyze various approaches to processing information and develop skills to design, implement, and evaluate the next generation of information technology tools.

Informatics graduates are well prepared for many roles in business, research, government, and non-profit organizations. Depending on the track of study completed, graduates are also equipped with the academic background necessary for graduate study in many fields including computer science, business, education, information, statistics, law, medicine, public health, and natural and social sciences.

For additional information, see Why an Informatics Degree? co-authored by Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason, former Dean of the School of Information, Arthur W. Burks Collegiate Professor of Information and Computer Science and professor of Economics and Public Policy in the School of Information at the University of Michigan.

The major in Informatics at the University of Michigan include four tracks of study:

*The final semester to declare Computational Informatics and Social Computing track was F13. The final semester to declare the Data Mining and Information Analysis track was Su15.

Support for the planning, development, and launch of the major in Informatics was provided by generous grants through the Provost's Multidisciplinary Learning and Team Teaching Initiative and the President's Ethics in Public Life initiative.