Careers & Graduate Study

There is a growing need for professionals who have not only first-class technology skills but also a larger, humanistic view that is useful in the development and deployment of technology that serves human needs. The concentration (major) in Informatics prepares students for a range of information-related roles in business, education, government, industry, and non-profit organizations and a range of graduate and professional programs.

The information technology job market continues to be very strong. Many recruiters who come to the University of Michigan seek students with precisely the ideals and skill sets the Informatics program provides, including interdisciplinary understanding of information systems, human-technology interaction, data analysis, and more.

Additionally, an undergraduate degree in Informatics is excellent preparation for a number of graduate and professional programs, including business, computer science, dentistry, law, medicine, statistics, and a number of social science disciplines.

The following is a list of job titles that Informatics graduates may pursue:

Computational Informatics Careers

Algorithm Engineer
Application Developer / Engineer
Database Developer / Engineer
Data Center Engineer
Human Factors Engineer
Language Engineer
Performance Analyst
Software Architect / Developer / Engineer
Systems Engineer

Life Science Informatics Careers

Data Analysis Consultant
Data / Information Analyst
Life Science Research Instruments Designer
Life Science Software Developer / Engineer
Life Science Systems Engineer
Product Manager
Program Coordinator / Manager

Data Mining & Information Analysis Careers

Algorithm Engineer
Business Analytics Consultant
Competitive Intelligence Analyst
Computational Linguist
Data Mining Specialist or Manager
Information Systems Developer or Analyst
Natural Language Engineer
Performance Analyst
Search / Indexing Engineer
Search Network Analyst


Social Computing Careers

Application Developer
Community Organizer
e-Marketing Associate
Direct Marketing Research Analyst
Management Consultant
Online Community Manager
Product Manager
Program Administrator
Social Network Analyst
Usability Specialist
User Experience Analyst
Web Analyst