Honors Concentration


Students interested in doing original research in informatics are encouraged to consider the Informatics Honors Concentration.  The Honors concentration is open to all Informatics concentrators who have achieved both a concentration GPA and an overall GPA of 3.4 or better.  At least one year prior to graduation, interested students should identify a member of the UM faculty with informatics expertise to serve as their faculty advisor.  Together with that person, the student prepares a 2-3 paragraph summary of the proposed thesis project, which is submitted together with the Honors Concentration Application to the Informatics Program Coordinator for review by concentration advisors.  The student completes the thesis work in the senior year, while enrolling in 3-4 units of independent study.  At least six weeks before the last day of classes in the term in which the student will complete the independent study and thesis, an electronic copy of the final honors thesis is submitted to the Informatics program coordinator.  The faculty advisor then solicits comments on the completed thesis from an independent reader, and the student presents the work in a public forum.

For more information regarding the Informatics Honors Concentration, please contact the Program Coordinator at informatics@umich.edu or 734.615.3789.