Nine students graduate in May, 2010

By meghang
Jun 02, 2010 Bookmark and Share

On May 1, 2010, nine students graduated with bachelor's degrees in Informatics, increasing the total number of graduates of the program from one to ten.

The graduates, their guests, and members of the U-M community celebrated at a brunch in the Michigan League. Lisa Ferro, the first student to declare Informatics as her major at the University of Michigan, and Dr. Charles Severance, a member of the Informatics Faculty Steering Committee, instructor, and advisor, spoke at the celebration.

Remarking on her discovery of Informatics, Lisa found it to be a "contemporary concentration that filled an existing gap among the different majors that were being offered."

Offering his praise and thanks, Dr. Severance said, "You became Informatics concentrators knowing that you were the pioneers and that there might be a few rough edges as we worked out all of the details. Thank you for pitching in and helping us work out those details for the next generations of Informatics students."

Graduates of Informatics are going on to pursue graduate and professional studies in fields, including Information and law and beginning careers at companies, including Microsoft, Citi, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, AAA Life Insurance, and Hagerty Insurance Agency.

Congratulations, graduates!