University of Michigan Students

The following courses provide an introduction to academic concepts essential to the study of informatics and serve as prerequisites to the four core courses in the concentration (major).

  • MATH 115 Calculus I (or equivalent)
  • EECS/SI 182 Building Applications for Information Environments (or equivalent)
  • STATS 350 Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis (or equivalent)
  • SI/SOC 110 Introduction to Information Systems

All students must complete the concentration prerequisites but need not have completed all prerequisites prior to declaring a concentration in Informatics. To declare a concentration in Informatics, please schedule an appointment with the Program Coordinator.

Community College Students

All courses necessary for the study of Informatics are offered at the University of Michigan. It may, however, be useful to explore your interests in mathematics, computer programming, statistics, and social science.

For information regarding admission or the transfer of community college courses to the University of Michigan, please visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions website.

High School Students

The best way to prepare for a major in Informatics is to complete the high school courses necessary for admission to the University of Michigan.

4 years of English
3-4 years of math
3-4 years of science
3 years of history or social science
2 years of a foreign language

1-2 years of computer programming
2 years of performing or fine arts

For more information about admission or preparing for college, please visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions website.

Summer Programs

Numerous summer programs are offered at the University of Michigan each year. Please visit the University of Michigan website and the Center for Educational Outreach website for detailed listings.

Programs related to leadership, computer science, mathematics, science, and social science are all relevant to the study of Informatics.