Executive Committee

The IPCAA Executive Committee exists to assist the Director and Graduate Advisor in all aspects of the running of the Program — from decisions about admissions and funding, to evaluations of student performance, nominations for competitive fellowships, revisions of the Program’s structure, and so on. It meets about half a dozen times during the academic year. Its membership varies from year to year, but always includes (ex officio) the Director and Graduate Advisor, the Chairs of the two co-sponsoring departments, together with the IPCAA core faculty and representatives from several cognate departments.

For the academic year 2015-16, the Executive Committee’s members will be:

John O'Shea | Anthropology & Museum of Anthropology
Matthew Biro | Chair, History of Art
Sara Forsdyke | Chair, Classical Studies
Elaine Gazda
| History of Art & Kelsey Museum
Sharon Herbert | Classical Studies
Jay Crisostomo | Near Eastern Studies
Lisa Nevett
(Director) | Classical Studies
Christopher Ratté
| Classical Studies, History of Art & Director, Kelsey Museum
Margaret Root
| History of Art & Kelsey Museum  
Nicola Terrenato (Grad Advisor) | Classical Studies