Timothy Hart

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IPGRH Grad Student

Doctoral Student, Greek & Roman History

  • About

    Timothy earned his BA in Classics in 2006 from Grinnell College, where he studied Latin literature and Roman archaeology.  In 2009, he earned an MA in classical archaeology from the University of Minnesota.  Tim has taken part in archaeological excavations in Italy (Poggio Civitate, Pompeii, Gabii) and Israel (Tel Kedesh), and seeks to integrate material and textual evidence in his own historical research at Michigan.  Tim's scholarly interests focus on late-Roman and immediately post-Roman Europe and North Africa.  He is particularly interested in questions of ethnogenesis and identity creation within the so-called barbarian kingdoms.

  • Education
    • BA, Classical Studies - Latin, Grinnell College, 2006
    • MA, Classical Art & Archaeology, University of Minnesota, 2009