Tiggy McLaughlin

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Doctoral Candidate, Greek & Roman History

  • About

    Tiggy graduated from Georgetown University in 2010 with an A.B. in history and classics.  Her research interests include lay Christianity in the fourth through sixth centuries and the formation of Christian rituals, practices, and beliefs, as well as cultural and social history of the elite in the Roman Empire and Late Antiquity.  This past spring, she completed her preliminary examinations in the following three fields: Otium and Erudition in the Roman Empire, Plato's Academy and the Intersection of Greek Philosophy and Power (5th Century BCE - 5th Century CE), and Theoretical Approaches to Religion and the History of Early Christianity.  She is currently beginning work on a dissertation that explores the teaching and learning of ordinary Christians around the Mediterranean in the fifth and sixth centuries.

  • Education
    • BA, History & Class. St. - Latin, Georgetown University, 2010
    • MA, Classical Studies - Latin, University of Michigan, 2013