Feldman, Halpern, Evans, Haber
Krzyzowski, Toman

In 1970, three University of Michigan faculty members obtained a grant through the Detroit Jewish Welfare Federation to establish Judaic Studies at the University. Since that initial partnership, an extraordinary bond between the University and private donors has thrived and created the current Frankel Center for Judaic Studies.

A leader in the field, the Frankel Center for Judaic Studies is home to more people working in modern Jewish literatures and has more faculty members specializing in the area of Yiddish language than any public university. Within the campus community, the Frankel Center is integrated with top-tier departments ensuring a healthy dialogue across disciplines. The Frankel Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies makes the University of Michigan a premiere site for Judaic research and scholarship throughout the United States.

With such assets, it is vital to pay tribute to the pioneers who laid the foundation for such a multi-faceted program. That foundation has poised the Frankel Center for vigorous future growth. Through expanded fellowships, community outreach and scholarship that bridges ancient and modern worlds, the Frankel Center for Judaic Studies hopes to set new standards for research and education within the ever changing global academic community.

As the Frankel Center matures, it actively seeks support for its exciting program needs. Consider how you may be able to support meaningful and sustainable growth — be it through a direct gift right now or a planned gift in the future. Contact the Frankel Center to learn about specific details. Visit the College of Literature, Arts & Sciences Development website for more details on giving to the University of Michigan.